Charlottesville, VA ---- any CFers in the area???

dlynn2April 10, 2011

I may be spending some time there in the near future and was just wondering if any of you live near there. I'll probably have some free time to meet up for dinner or something, and will probably have some questions about the area. I'm not sure yet when I'll be out there, but it will be in the next few months.

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As my handle suggests, I live in the Charlottesville VA area. I don't know of any other CFers around here, (and I'm more a KFer than a CFer, even though my kitchen remodel has been pretty much done for a couple of years) but I know there were a few other C'Villian's on the KF in the past, so there might be others on the CF that I don't know of.

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Hi Bob and Dlynn,
I'm not from the area yet, but I'm working on it! We are breaking ground on our home in Lexington (about 1 hour from Cville) this week!!
We have a rental there but are spending most of our time in Louisiana taking care of our home here while it is still on the market.
Would love to get together when we're there.
Bob.... any chance you used soapstone on your kitchen remodel? I'm searching for someone in the area who has some soapstone experience.


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I did not use soapstone, but I do know some people in the KF in the Cville area who used soapstone, and one person IRL who DIY'ed a soapstone counter.

Actually, just south of Charlottesville, is the Alberene Soapstone Company, which I think is the only remaining active soapstone quarry in the United States. They can either do the fabrication themselves, or work with a local fabricator, or sell you the slab and let you DIY. The KF person from the area used the stone fabricator I used, and said she was very happy with the results.

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Thanks Bob! I'd love to know the fabricators name.

I went to Alberene Soapstone. Loved the place, friendly folks and the look of the stone. BUT the samples I got were so soft that just gently sliding a coffee cup across them left big marks. I don't mind a little patina, but that was a bit much!

Dlynn, are you moving to the area?


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My fabricator was the Albemarle Countertop Company. The really did quality work and not too long after they did my kitchen they were upgrading to better equipment, so they should be even better now.

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