Calling Scotland (and I don't mean the country)...

mustangs81April 25, 2011

I emailed you this morning but you know how hit or miss GardenWeb's email is. The Gathering of Greyhounds would like some Atlanta area input from you.

We are looking for luncheon place ideas to meet Elizabeth's (Adoptedbygreyhounds) daughter. One thought was to meet at the DeKalb Farmers Market Cafe since we are going there anyway. We just don't know if it is an ideal place to meet. We are open to your ideas since you are most knowledgable about the area.

Our other question is--would you be able to join us?

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The cafe at the Dekalb Farmers Market is a buffet/cafeteria, and completely lacking in ambiance. It can also be loud. Photography isn't allowed there, either. I love eating there, but it's not a great place for a lingering meal with conversation. About ten minutes away is Decatur, with a concentration of good restaurants and shops. My favorite is easily the Iberian Pig, which is pricey and only open for supper. Cakes & Ale is also expensive and supper-only. Farm Burger serves local and organic food. Watershed is a collaboration between chef Scott Peacock and one of the Indigo Girls that gets lots of national press. There are many more options there, and it's a very walkable little downtown there. Several places (Iberian Pig, Watershed and Cakes & Ale) recommend reservations. For dessert and fancy cocktails, head to The Chocolate Bar.

I'm overbooked this weekend, but would love to join y'all. Between overlapping birthday parties and the girls' baseball games, I'm booked from noon on. Friday, I'm free after 7:00. I didn't get email from you, so I'll try to send one. I'd love to meet everyone!

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Great information!! Just what we need to help make plans.

Crud, but I understand busy weekends with ball (Go Mustangs!). I think everyone is arriving Saturday AM or late Firday, I'll let you know.

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Great. Your member page doesn't have an e-mail option. My e-mail is

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I was going to send out a "last call" for anyone who would like to join us. Email anyone of us who is going if you want details (Beverly_AL, Jude, Cathy, or me).

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