Placement of stairs: please reveiw these two options

lexmomof3July 27, 2012

Please let me know what you think about the placement of the stairs in this house plan. I'll post the second option in the next post. This one is the original placement but I really prefer the entry to the stairway more integrated with the main living area.

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Here's the modified placement. What do you think about that "dead" space between the back of the stairs and the front door? I'm thinking I would move the closet door to the side instead of the back and would do chest high wainscoting on the walled part to give it a decorative look. I have a nice chest and mirror that could go in that space. What do you think about this placement?

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If you went with either option, you could open up the wall to the living room - then it doesn't become dead space, it is a 'hallway' to the living room.

If you went with option 2, you could add a coat closet behind the door which would eat up the dead space by about 2 1/2 feet deep by however wide the space is from the front of the house to the stair area.

Also, I attached an inspiration-type photo for using the space under the stairs.

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Thanks DreamHomeDreamer. I'm thinking about the coat closet idea. It will add storage but will make the door off center in the foyer. The living room will actually be a bedroom for my 2 yr old now and when my 14 yr old goes to college in 4 years, it will be a guest suite (or her room when she's home) so I don't want to open it up to the foyer. Love the drawers under the stairs!

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I like the second... No one uses their front door and steps are for the family to get to their private spaces. It will make life easier since there is a little bit of a walk from the garage to steps already.

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I like your second option and your idea of a mirror and chest. I like your plan. Would you mind posting the second floor? What's the total sq ft?

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OK, back to the drawing board. It's a 1.5 story plan so I don't think the roof line will accommodate the second option. I was totally convinced that was going to work perfectly.
gaonmymind: here's the second floor. I love the floor plan except I'm just not crazy about the placement of the staircase. The front elevation is a take off of the SL plan Abberley Lane but just a 1.5 story plan.

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Can you not do a U-shape? I'm not sure where your other post was that I commented on. Perhaps you could link the 2 posts.

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I would love to see pics. Your upstairs is EXACTLY what I am trying to do!!!

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Macysam, if you're referring to me, we're just now finishing electrical so there's not much to show you. But, I must say, I am so pleased with the layout. I didn't change the stairs, it is still straight and at the front door but we're doing wainscoting at least 5' high, maybe all the way to the ceiling on the stairs and I think it's going to look beautiful. I was just there today and I'm kind of glad that I didn't change the stairs. It's a very pretty foyer (or will be). The second floor is AWESOME! I have so much storage (much of it walk-in) and we even found a neat space that will be a secret room in my daughter's room (the room with just the small dormer). None of that was anticipated because you just can't tell how much space is under those knee walls but there is a TON. I did make a couple of changes such as eliminating the door to the bathroom from the bedroom on the back of the house and moved the bedroom door to the other side of the room so that it is near the bathroom hallway door. I also added a second vanity across from the other vanity to the shared bathroom and moved the door to the storage space back. I also floored the open space over the foyer which I love so much more than the two story foyer. I'll be glad to post pictures once sheetrock is up.

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Wow! I think the finished product is going to be lovely. I love that you floored the open foyer. We have one now and I have voweled to never do that again. I have three kids and I love a plan by Jim wells it is not huge at 2700 sf but it has a lot of usable space. I just do not like the design of the bedrooms up stairs, however I stumbled upon your upstairs plan and it is perfect. I'm so excited to see pictures, best of luck -and thanks for your response.

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