Bluestar RNB 36" height above counter

kayexAugust 21, 2013

I just recently purchased an RNB 36" stove. While installing, I read in the manual that the height of the side panel should be 11/16" above the counter top. My counter top is 36 11/16" from the floor (top is made from 1 1/4" caesarstone). The RNB sat at 36" - I was able to adjust the legs and bring it up to 37". I'm still 3/8" short of their minimum height requirement.

Does anyone know if this is going to be an issue, or if there are longer legs for situations like this?

Thank you for your advice!

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I've had no problems with my Bluestar at 36 3/4", and Soapstone counter at 36 3/8". However, If it were a wood countertop I would be more concerned.

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While it shouldn't be a problem, if you ever have a problem with your BS or heaven forbid something catches on fire this would not be up to spec and you could end up eating any cost associated with any issues, warranty or fire related.

I am just saying, that if you don't install something to the specs from the manufacturer that they are no longer obligated to honor the warranty. And if you had a fire (again heaven forbid) and the insurance somehow knows to look for that measurement and finds that it was not installed correctly you would be responsible for all the damage at that point.

Did you install this yourself?
Did you have someone install it for you?
Is this part of a remodel or going into an existing kitchen space?

If you did this yourself then you can do as you wish.

If you had a professional install the unit, I would get them back out and make them correct it, as they didn't follow the installation specs from BS.

Whether it is part of a remodel or not I guess doesn't matter, you, in my opinion, should fix it either way. Maybe call BS and see about longer legs, I don't know the answer to that. The other option if you don't want to call them or if they don't have longer legs, would be to make something to raise it up. Maybe put a sheet of 3/4" plywood under the RNB to raise it up higher. If you do that maybe recess it back to it is not visible from the front.


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@Phil, We originally had a "professional" installer come to hook it up. They did the gas connection alright but the other details were overlooked - like raising the stove above the counters or calibrating. It wasn't until a few days after that I noticed in the manual the part about the height. That's when I ended up pulling the range out and adjusting the legs myself.

It's actually a newly built home. The kitchen was completed by the time we moved in (without appliances). Our builder didn't catch the detail about the stove only being able to raise up an inch so didn't know 36 11/16" counter height would be an issue for us.

Will definitely be in touch with BS to see what they recommend.

Thanks for the replies.

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I would get the pro installer back out and tell them that they didn't follow the install guide and they need to redo it, or at least try and see if you can get them to cover it, as they should, for free. Again, just my opinion, but contacting BS and getting their feedback is also a great thing to do.


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The issue is that your counters are a little high - just checked mine and they're at 36". This is most likely not an issue for your Bluestar installer. I'm not sure why Bluestar has that requirement - usually clearance have to do with distance to flammable surfaces. You could check with Bluestar about this, but I'mI not sure this is a big deal.

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I spoke with BS and they have larger legs available that will allow the range to sit min 37 1/4" and go up enough to accommodate 39" counters. I'm sure I could have gotten away without them but better safe than sorry. ;-)

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I looked at the Bluestar install diagram, it looks to me that 11/16" may mean to cabinet box, (or combustable, in the case of a wood counter top). You might ask Bluestar to clarify before spending on taller legs, just to raise it 3/8"

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Blue Star's 4" stove legs have the model designation "HILEG4". A local dealer quoted $418 for a set of 4 in 2011. The difference between the standard legs with full extension and these when retracted may give you the height you need.

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Standard cabinet height is 36", which is the height that ranges expect to be working with. When you have something non-standard, it's not surprising that there can be issues with appliances. Looks like buying the longer legs will work. But, it's unreasonable to expect an installer to "make it right" in a non standard situation. I'd expect to be charged an additional trip charge if he comes back out.

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Green, I agree, partially, with your statement about the installer. My problem with your statement is that the installer never said anything to the OP about this issue, or not as far as we have been told at least.

If the installer ignored the install directions from BS and didn't consult the OP about it then they installer should come back out for free and make it right.

Now, if the installer asked about it and was told to ignore it I would agree with your statement.

To me the installer is responsible for reading and properly installing the range. Being they didn't do that they should have to live up to doing it properly at their own cost.

Just my opinion, of course.


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My guess is that the installer did not read the instructions. Unfortunately there are far too many tradespeople wanting to get in and get out as fast as possible with little to no regard for quality.

That being said, with ceasarstone counters I wouldn't worry about the extra height. I don't think it would look good, plus its extra cost that is not nessesary. If you are still worried you should contact bluestar and ask for an explanation as to why you would have to do such a thing with stone countets. For various reasons I don't think you would have any warranty or insurance issues either.

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Not to hijack the thread, but I have a similar question in anticipation of the arrival of our 36" RNB. Would one of you BS owners mind measuring the height where the SS "lip" meets the colored side panel of the range? Per the install instructions, the height of the cooktop is 36-3/4" and I'm wondering how tall the SS lip is. I'm assuming it's 3/4" to marry up with a 36" countertop height, but I just want to make sure. Thanks!

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@ Farmer, yes the stainless trim at the top of the range sides is 3/4"

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Thank you!

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