faded gas cooktop grates

uptowngirlAugust 29, 2013

The porcelain enameled cast iron grates on our gas cooktop have faded over time, and are now a dull irregular gray. The contrast to the still bright black glass cooktop is quite noticeable. They may have gotten that way because I run them through the dishwasher occasionally. The centermost portions have retained their shiny black appearance however. This is the part of the grate that presumably gets the hottest. I would like to restore the old original appearance as much as possible. (New grates run about $45 each.) Since heat has kept the middles shiny, would putting the grates through the self cleaning cycle of the oven help recrystallize the surface of the enamel? Or would this just ruin the grates? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Did you find a solution? Thanks for you help.

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You could always run one grate through the self cleaning cycle and see what happens. At worst, you would have to buy a new grate that would be the only shiny one.

It may also be that the self cleaning cycle would not heat it as hot as the direct flame impingement does and nothing useful happens.

An alternative test would be to put a grate upside down and offset on a normally-placed grate so that the flame impinges on a gray area and see what happens after a period of being flamed. If that works, then broiling each grate at close proximity to the gas flame might work (given a gas oven or gas salamander).

Please note that I have no confidence that heating will restore the glossiness but I see little risk in experimenting to find out.


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Thanks for the suggestions, kas. Or I could find a friend with a ceramics kiln!

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