Marble Basketweave floor tile - honed vs polished?

mdispensaSeptember 12, 2013

I've been thinking that these Carerra Basketweave tiles would look great in my small bathroom floor. I'm still debating if I want to go with the black dots, green dots, or gray dots.

Question 1: honed vs polished?
I was thinking polished because I think it would be easer to seal and keep clean. The lady at the tile store said polished would be really slippery. Please give any feedback on choice regarding looks, upkeep and durability.

Question 2: Any recommended vendors? The local tile store said the lowest price they would get would be $25 a sq ft + shipping and she recommended I order online. I'm not near a big city so the tile stores don't have much inventory. It seems like the online prices are 10-15. I'm not terribly concerned about price because I'll only need about 25 sq ft.
Anyone have any vendors who they recommend? How is this one?

Thanks for your feedback.

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We used the Hampton Delray from The Tile Shop. I think it around $13-14.

This is a very common floor tile in the polished and is definitely not slippery. All those grout lines provide plenty of grip.

There is no upkeep to speak of. When I vacuum, I take a swing through the bathroom. For cleaning, I use a variety of products--mostly Watkins lemon spray all-purpose from Target. The tile doesn't need any babying or special products--the pattern is so busy, you won't notice little etch marks. (I have dripped cider vinegar several times, as I drink a tablespoon every day for allergies. yum)

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I've seen this honed with polished dots...sparkly!
Tile person told me that honed will absorb sealer better, thereby being more stain-resistant.

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I have polished and it's not slippery because of all the grout. It's over a year old and has held up well. Mine is from AKDO.

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That's pretty!

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We went with honed. I think technically they had it labeled as tumbled marble. I thought it looked a little less formal, if that makes sense to anyone other than me, than the polished.

I don't find the basketweave portion to be slippery. We used a larger honed tile for the smaller room with the shower and toilet. I did slide a little once on that, but now I'm just careful to step on the mat and make sure the bottom of my feet are dry before stepping onto the floor.

We sealed it and have not had any problems. I vacuum it with a hard floor attachment and have spot cleaned a few places. We've been using the bathroom for about six months and it's been very low maintenance.

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The tile here is beautiful could you tell me the name of the basketweave and where you got it as well as the grey tile around it?

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Years ago, I rented the upstairs of a vintage home in Brooklyn that had hexagon black and white marble tiles on the floor - I recall that I liked walking barefoot on that tile - but my feet were a lot younger then.

My existing flooring is a non-slip ceramic tile, which is uncomfortable to walk on - so I always have a bathmat on it. I'm considering unglazed porcelain tiles for the bathroom remodel, but they have so much slip-resistance that they feel rough on my bare feet.

Is the basket weave marble flooring comfortable to walk on?

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We just finished installing honed carrera basketweave with a blue glass dot on the shower floor last weekend and sealed it. It's not grouted yet but I walked on it this morning and it was quite comfy on the feet. Mine is from Jerusalem Tile. Grout will go on some night this week if I can find the time.

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Pasadenaremodel - We got it from TOPCU Tile & Stone in Duluth, GA. The original tile we found was out of stock when we were ready to start and we found this place through a friend of our brother-in-law who was is a contractor and was nice enough to order it for us. The one in Duluth does not sell to the public only to people in the trade. Sorry but their names on the invoice weren't very specific. I think it was just labeled as Italian marble basketweave and the smaller tiles were labeled as grey tumbled marble.

I looked and they do have a website with a number to call to find a local dealer:

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