How to Build a Tall Thin Curb .. Bill V?

gbsim1September 25, 2012

We've got a "dog shower" going into our new build in the utility room.

It'll be used for dog paws, but also for washing yucky stuff and putting muddy snowy boots etc

I'd like the curb to be around 12" and would prefer that it be on the thin side not quite 4" after tile. Is it practical or possible to build a curb that high that isn't really thick?

Any suggestions for building the curb?


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Just check with your local authorities first if inspections will be an issue, and to see how the "doggy shower" will be classified.

In the back of my mind I have an IRC limit that the curb in a shower can be a maximum of 9" high.

To clarify, that's not a 9" high maximum height for the curb. That means that the maximum depth of water that can be held in a shower if the drain is plugged is a depth of 9" deep at the drain. So if your floor slopes up 1/2" from the drain to the bottom of the curb, then the physical height of your curb can only be 8-1/2" tall.

Granted, your use is different in terms of how it could be classified. A shower? A utility wash space? Or does it even matter?

But it's better to find out ahead of time rather than afterwards.

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Sophie Wheeler

Just ask them about building a "Tile covered mop sink". Floor mounted mop sinks have been done for ages, and in fact, you might even find one that you like that would work ready made for your purpose without having to build what you're envisioning.

But, if it were me, I'd want the curb to more tub like and actually be wide enough to sit on so I could sit there and spray down poochie's feet. I'd also want to have a grab bar to tie a leash to so he couldn't escape. I'd also want to be sure that I could put a shower curtain of some type on it to be able to use as a "utlity shower" for when the kids come in after wallowing in a mud bog or the spousal unit has an Exxon Valdiz accident while changing the oil in the family transport. Add all of that in, and an inexpensive $120 steel tub from a box store would probably be what I would do....but it's your space. :)

I could see a 2"x12" drilled out for lag bolts that would secure it to the subfloor to serve as the base for your tiled in shower curb. Secured again at the walls of course. But if you're on slab, that gets to be a little more problematic in attaching to the slab. A Hilti and some epoxied in threaded rod could probably work, with a countersink for a nut. That could be Kerdi wrapped and tiled with no problems.

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hmmmm that's a good thought about the curb height and code Mongo. I hadn't even thought of that possibility and obviously neither had our GC.
I'll send this info and question to him and let him get the scoop on what to expect.
You're right Holly, if I were really bathing dogs in the area, I'd want it to be higher in general like an elevated tub. It'll be more of a floor sink than anything, muddy paws will be washed in it especially since we'll be moving in at the start of winter and I'm sure the place will be a sea of mud for months. , But I doubt that I'll ever give our German Shepherd a bath in it

But I'll use it for snowy boots, muddy shoes, drippy wet coats, plants that need hosing off, ice chests to drain and clean etc and I'd rather not have the splash back that a low curb gives.

I googled "Hilti" and can't find it.... what is it? We aren't on a slab so no worries there.


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"I googled "Hilti" and can't find it.... what is it? "

Powder actuated pin (AKA 'nail') driver.

It will drive specially hardened 'pins' into concrete.

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