Spiral Shower

strawbossSeptember 9, 2012

I want to build a free standing spiral shower stall and thought I'd run my plan past you guys and see if anyone has helpful hints. I plan on making the armature from rebar covered with concrete reinforcing mesh covered with metal lath. For the interior of the spiral I am planning on using Quickwall to insure that it is waterproof. The floor pan would be done this way, too. For the exterior surface I was thinking of using Structolite. Ideas?

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Forgot to mention I'm also considering doing the waterproofing of the floor with Redgard. Seems like the best option for something circular.

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The "Floor Pan" deal worries me. You DO know that it needs to be sloped to the drain, eh? It needs a mud bed to do so and you'll need a Schluter or Laticrete-type, fleece-bonded drain if you're applying Redgard to the mud floor. A regular drain has weep holes and won't work. With enough coats, Redgard can work....but I would simply Kerdi or Hydroban the shower. Superior products, in my opinion.

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How about using a kit like this Wedi Fundo shower kit? It looks like it might be exactly what you want.

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terriks, the Wedi Fundo shower kit is cool and was actually where I got my dimensions from originally. Kit not my style or price range though, I am going to build my own.
StoneTech - thanks for the info about HydroBan. Seems like the way to go for me. Yes, I know the pan has to be sloped to the drain and am going to go with a linear drain. I'm going to go with exposed copper pipes rather than trying to embed them in the spiral structure. Anything tricky about that I should consider? I appreciate the help!

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