Make Up/Task Lighting Question

sochiSeptember 16, 2012

I've been bugging the folks on the design forum enough with this space, I thought I'd pick the brains of some lighting experts over here. Or non-experts.

The draft design below is for a bedroom, not a bathroom. The whole unit is 7'4", 48" for the make-up area and sink area, 40" for the dresser and upper storage. I'm considering making the entire unit 30" high, or I will drop the 24" make-up area to 30" high.

I have good light from the ceiling, but I need side lighting for the make up area. I don't think sconces would work, as I will be seated most often, I think sconces low enough to be effective would seem oddly placed.

I've thrown in a couple of narrow but tall-ish table lamps below. Any other ideas or comments?

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Can you mount something on the side of your tower cabinet that either stays in place or is adjustable for you to pull out and use as needed. The other thought is recessed wall lighting that would be recessed into your mirror somehow. That would be sort of like attractive can lighting. Or could you have track lighting that runs up and down your mirror in channels. You could lower them when you want to put makeup on or rise them to a nice level for general use...No I've got it, you could put a Rev-a-shelve type pull out narrow unit into the side of the cabinet to the left of the mirror. This unit would have the lights mounted and a mirror in the center of the thing. Can you picture what I mean?

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Sochi, the best mirror I have found for makeup is lit from behind. The ones I have used at various hotels have been large rectangular or square. No shadows, soft lighting, etc. I tried to copy a picture to give you an idea but wasn't able to. I searched under electric mirror. Maybe you could take a look at that type of mirror. HTH

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Enduring, I think I can picture it. I'm sure my cab maker could manage it. Essentially have a flat panel that can spring out with an electric mirror (ie a mirror with two bars of light on either side). That would be perfect for make up. I could also buy an attractive lighted mirror to sit on the counter.

I wouldn't mind having the back mirror lit for when I do my hair etc., as I really don't do much make up. The area will be mostly used for doing hair, putting jewelry on, lipstick, brushing teeth, etc.

I think two small tall lamps will give appropriate soft side lighting, but counter space is at a premium and the two lamps might look odd flanking that 24" vanity space. If I move one lamp to the right of the sink the light on my face would be uneven.

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Sochi, This is my thinking. Take a base cabinet depth roll out and put it on the side of you tower. The thing would only be visable when you rolled it out to use for your makeup. It would be backed by a board with a large mirror mounted on it. This mirror could be wired to have lighting surrounding it like what Joshuasamah mentioned. There could even be a shelve that could hold your makeup. Then your counter would be uncluttered, no extra mirror needed.

Here is a Rev a Shelf Item. Can you see your mirror where the peg board is and your makeup brushes where the screw drivers are:)? Or what ever those "sticky" things are.

I am going to do this in my bathroom, but it will be my medicine cabinet instead. I will have a mirror on the wall instead of a med cabinet for lookin'

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