Spacious counter depth and we can still afford food...?

seekingsunAugust 3, 2013

Hi folks,

We just bought a new (old) house that needs lots of TLC. We are leaving the retro kitchen (avocado green steel cabinets!) in place for now since it is basically the nicest thing in the house. Although fridges used to be made much smaller back in the 1950s...We need a counter depth to accommodate the shallow cabinets, and will already need to remove the overhead cabinet. We are open to taking out a set of cabinets to accommodate more width if needed. Main request is I want a big freezer because I don't really have a good spot for a separate deep freeze. Actually don't want ice or water in the door. Either freezer configuration is fine. And like I said, everything needs fixing in the house so a $8000 Sub Zero is unfortunately out of the picture!

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Seeing that nobody else has jumped in here, I'll try to respond.

Most people would see "spacious" counter depth" and "big freezer" as mutually exclusive requirements.

So, what do you think of as "spacious?" !8 cu. ft.? 22 cu. ft?

What would be a big freezer to you?

I know you don't want to spend $8k on a SZ, but what kind of budget did you actually have in mind?

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Many readers here report Liebherr as a less pricier alternative to SZ. True counter depth, fully built in with paneled and free standing options as well. Smaller apartment sized units in the 2-3K range, 30 and 36 in units 4-6K range on up depending on configuration.

Other than that, E'lux has nice looking and solid feeling drawers and slides compared to Kitchenaid which on the inside is less so, IMO.

I've recently been looking for a CD, bottom freezer fridge. I wanted one door, without external water and ice and not stainless. Good luck. I failed. I'm adjusting my expectations, after not having much luck in the under 3.5K range.

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