Help me choose a new range to replace the Wolf

hawksterAugust 28, 2013

After 15 years with my 36" Wolf AG with grill, I'm selling the house and leaving the stove behind (snif). The new place only has room for a 30". Although I have enjoyed the Wolf, nothing is perfect (especially the burner igniters). So, please help me choose a new range. Wolf is a possibility of course. Viking is out. Thermador is a possible. From what I've been reading here, Blue Star is a real contender. But, I'm open to anything. What say you?

PS: about me: I'm an accomplished amateur cook, and do almost all the cooking at home (wife jumps in about four times a year). I like stir fries (the wife not so much); plenty of fish, which will now have to be pan-fried instead of grilled; I bake bread once a week; do pizza once a month or so; sautes of all kinds.

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I bought the BS 30 and am quite happy, especially with the full extension rack. One downside is that the broiler is not very big - if you are only broiling smaller items it is okay, but my last oven ( DF ) had an electric element that covered the whole surface of the oven. Also, you will like that the BS had a pretty big oven capacity for a 30 inch. Many others here like Capital, but I have not seen one in person.

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similar situation here--have 10 year old Wolf with grill. Fully test drove the Culinarian--liked the burners, did a couple of stir frys and burners dwarfed my Wolf. the grill is good, not as hot as my wolf, and the adjustable aspect is a plus. Liked Culinarian oven better. BS door gets hotter than my Wolf, Culinarian oven racks as several posters have noted feel flimsy, no where as tough as the Wolf. Also took a long look at the BS, Culinarian is my choice.

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Look at LaCanche

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