Bluestar oven convection fan noise? Silent or like bathroom fan?

loafer80August 13, 2013

How noisy should the BS convection fan be? We just had ours installed 3 weeks ago, I notice the fan noise during initial oven burn off already. Just want to confirm if everything is running normal.
Our convection fan sounded more like a 1.5 sones bathroom fan, definitely noisier than the 42db bosch dishwasher running. Its a continous fan noise,nothing rattling.


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I wouldn't say mine was whisper quiet, but it's not something that's distracting or even noticeable. It's hard to quantify sound through words though.

If you just got it and its bothering you, you should put in a service call to bluestar. The initial analysis and potential repair should be covered by the warranty.

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It's a fan so your probably going to hear it but it shouldn't be distracting. I've got a 30" Wolf convection and a Wolf steam oven along w/the 36 BS oven. Of the 3 the steam oven fan is the loudest, the 30" Wolf w/2 fans is 2nd and the BS is probably the quietest but you can hear them all. It probably has more to do w/their location in kitchen as to the relative noise level. The BS, being down low is probably quietest due to it's location behind the island, the steam is the highest oven in the kitchen and also the one we use the most but even it's noise is within acceptable kitchen levels. We can't really hear the D/W except when draining.

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I hear my BS convection fan more than I would like. It's not quite like a jet engine but it's definitely a motor sound rather than a soft whirring sound. I had someone come out and replace the fan a few months ago but it still makes a lot of noise. They thought it might be the rack vibrating against the fan but I don't think that is the issue. I just think it is loud. But I hardly ever use the fan since I have a speed oven that I use most of the time anyway. So I am not getting too worked up over it.

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Thanks for the input. I know everyoneâÂÂs noise sensitivity level is different, so I used somewhat standard household noise like bathroom fan, dishwasher to compare.

The convection fan noise is definitely more than what I would have preferred, but probably can live with. Just wanted to make sure the noise is at normal running level. I figure best way to do is go to our dealer and turn theirs on to compare the noise.

@nycbluedevil, did you try removing all the racks and brackets then have the fan on to see if the noise is there? I know mine is just the fan noise, because during burn-off I removed everything and itâÂÂs the same noise.

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Thanks loafer. No, I did not because if I turn on the fan and open the door, I can hear that the sound is really from the fan. I may give it another go before my warranty runs out!

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