Do I need multipoint locks for 8ft tall exterior wood door?

threeapplesJuly 27, 2012

I've got to choose hardware for my exterior doors, some glass, others solid wood. The door guys are telling me the doors will warp if I don't use multipoint hardware. Is this true?

I chose the hardware for my interior doors and want something that will correspond with that style, but lever handles will not work with my style. Any suggestions for handles and locks for these doors that are not levers and come in unlacquered brass? thanks so much!

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You do have to use multipoint locks on an 8' tall door. But they are recommending it for a very good reason and I would strongly advise using it as well. Many of the better door companies will no longer warranty there doors against warping if multipoint is NOT used.

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That is the answer we got too. We did baldwin estate levers in multipoint for our friends porch door and our french doors and a Baldwin Estate entrance handleset for our front door (the Cody - not multipoint I don't think?).

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I have a number of 8 foot doors with single latches. Only the french door is a significant problem - they are solid wood entry doors and the sealing is not perfect although there is no warping after 3 years.

Triple is definitely better but you don't have too....We have them at a house in high wind areas and they are great. That area requires triple latch on all doors with glass I think - we have it on a glass 6'8" door (as well as a 8 ft door) but not a solid one. Anyway - they seal great and the security is amazing. Imaging kicking in a door with triple point latches into a steel frame....

Style is one thing - air sealing, longevity and security are another. I honestly think I would do triple point on any exterior door if money wasn't an issue.

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