Tall vanity cabinets that match off the shelf - RARE!

karynSeptember 6, 2013

It's almost impossible to find more than one stock vanity cabinet that can sit next to another for a larger array of sizes!

I need a 30" tall base - with 24" drawer bases on either side. Simple? NOT.

Special order desk @Lowes - $1200+ for the very worst level white laminate they sell. TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR PARTICLE BOARD AND LAMINATE?
Cabinet Authority was not much better coming in just under $1200 but at least in colored particle board!

I did find it at Home Depot in cheap white laminate by 3 of their buying their cheap base+sinktop kits and throwing away the sinktops. Besides being really cheap and cheesy looking and poorly made, all these cabinets have full doors in front so it's not functional either. But - $340 will get 'er done.

I did find one nice cabinet style @Lowes in espresso color with one door on the left, two drawer on the right - available in 24" and 30" sizes - so I can get to the 24+30+24 size I need to fit my center sink space. $880 for all 3. Downside - the only configuration is door on the left - two drawers on the right which ends up looking like THIS - (very quick Photoshop job to get the vibe only)

1000% better than white laminate though right? A custom special order base set in this type of array and materials would might likely cost double.

Does this look OK - or will people notice?

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I just did a 54" center sink vanity flanked by two drawer bases in my Dynasty cabinet line for a lady. It was only $1100 for a simple raised panel design. I could have done a recessed panel for around $100 cheaper. All 3/4" plywood, soft close drawers and doors. Top quality, American made in Iowa.

You're looking in the wrong places! Look for a good cabinet line, and do the special order.

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What Live_wire_ oak says :)

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If you are getting vanities with legs, putting them side by side will look like that is what you did because of the doubled up feet in the middle. Why does it have to be an off the shelf item?

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The problem I see is that those little drawers on the right are pretty useless, especially in a framed cabinet. They're so small and narrow that they hold practically nothing.

Here are 3 Ikea cabinets - 2 drawer units and one sink base, all 30". They come in 24" as well. Plenty of drawer space. Cost was around $800 for all three. From Upstairs Bath

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I'm looking for SPEED in off the shelf. The contractors are in the house right now - they will be gone in 1-2 weeks.

Off the shelf COST - every "custom" one I've priced from "good cabinet lines" has been 50%-100% more. Roughly speaking that puts an equivalent look/build cabinet at ~$600 more than stock ones.

But Live_wire_ oak might be right - I just haven't found anyone reasonably priced yet. Not even cheap "kit' RTA ones were cost competitive.

EDIT/UPDATE - We're going to try out the Lowes cabinets and see. The good thing with this is if it doesn't look right we can return them since they are stock parts (not custom). Less storage in the drawers isn't so important to us - this is for a "her's" bath only - there is an additional makeup area with drawers too. Plus - there is an entire other "his" bath that has an even bigger/longer vanity!

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Keep us posted :)

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Yes, I'll take photos and update - here is what I'm working with -

I was considering just demolishing the makeup table divider and going with a blank slate on the entire wall. Then I could do a free standing furniture type vanity of 48 or 60". But the makeup area would be gone unless we build a shelf across - or find the right makeup table to pop in there. Problem with changing to a different size, is losing the stone top - which also matches an extensive tub surround on the opposite wall. Without that cohesive dominant element it could look odd.

I didn't like full mirror on the wall so we took them out - going with framed mirrors looks nicer IMHO.

Any yes, that horrible wallpaper is going! So is the carpet, changing out for tile.

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HERE is my latest thought - where it's maybe headed -
Cut down the wall in between the two counter areas so it only sticks up about 1' or so above and just top it with a nice piece of finish shelf. This opens it up - and still functions as a divider and helps hide the makeup items normally left on the countertop. I'd be losing the surround lighting (which was kind of neat and theatrical) but a small price to pay for eliminating the goofiness of the current configuration.

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If it were me (we are in the middle of a master bath remodel now!!)....I'd blow out that wall completely. And do a longer vanity, with lots of drawers, and possibly double sinks. Yes, you would lose your top--but you could get another that complements--rather than matches the tub surround--what you have looks like cultured marble, right?? I'd go for function, funciton, function, and space, space, space!! good luck! From the looks of your space-you could likely do a 72" vanity with double sinks? Lots of those on line with tops included.

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Thanks Christine - I thought of doing that but - this is a bath for just one person - two sinks is overkill. Two sink bases with two sinks = even less drawer storage.

So I thought of 60" center sink bases as well - then I'd be stuck trying to find a makeup counter+base that matches, and/or bridges to the main vanity. No one sells those - it would all have to be custom then! It's given me fits, so recycling the stone top that matches everything else and working with the existing configuration seemed the simplest and most cost effective way to go. :-/

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That makeup area is pretty nice. I see the wall doesn't go to the ceiling. Can you just do new wall treatment, lighting, mirrors, paint, and hardware?

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OK, well hubby likes leaving the setup -as-is- with a good point that it will look a whole lot different once that hideous wallpaper is gone and it's decorated properly. Something (like a large silk plant etc.) on that corner of the main vanity, in front of the wall will do a great deal to mitigate the "wall" look. I'll post back in a couple of weeks with the end result!

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I was planning on using the Ikea kitchen cabinets, but the 24" is too deep for the space. I got 3 espresso cabinets from cliqstudio to make a 63" vanity, and they cost $900, including trim pieces and toekick.

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Great and nice looking! I never heard of Cliqstudio before so I looked it up and tried it - my cabinets would have been $1150 without any extras/toekick etc. That's right around the same as the custom quotes I was getting from the big box stores FWIW though I appreciated their online calculator tool so you can price different configurations easily.

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FWIW - I've stepped back away from trying to save the old vanity and reviewed with with fresh eyes after having removed the old vanity and top.

I'm now just going to go with a pre-configured 48" stand alone furniture type base and leave it at that. This greatly reduces complexity and cost, proves numerous off the shelf configurations and is so simple I can install it myself!

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Are you keeping the makeup area or taking the wall down? Good to reassess when things were out of there. Sounds like things just got a whole lot simpler.

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I've decided to leave the makeup area alone as well as the divider wall - the wall makes a little more sense with a stand alone vanity in the main bath area. I'll probably put a little decorative shelf or tall plant in between the stand alone vanity and the wall to tie everything together.

The drawer fronts of the makeup area a white laminate - I will get them re-laminated to match the color of the new cabinet and paint it's base accordingly.

Moving electrical around to accommodate the old top size was just going to be too expensive so I decided to work around the existing configuration as is and just forget filling the wall with vanity and going with a nice furniture style base - less cost too! This is the one I'm leaning towards...

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Very nice vanity. Looking forward to seeing more.

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