mx702 and cottonpenny

nikinikinineJuly 15, 2012

We went with the Echo Ridge after seeing your sample board shots and getting our hands on a sample of our own. The stone started going up on Friday and I managed to snap a few pics this weekend while we were up at the house. Thought I'd share them with you both since I know you were looking at the stone as well. They are all iphone quality, but the color is pretty accurate.

:) enjoy!

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Thanks for the pics and keeping me in mind.

Looks like your installer is doing a fantastic job. Keeping the pattern random and blending the stone/colors nicely is key to making it look as natural as possible as the actual variations in the "stones" are limited.

I think it looks fabulous!

Our contractor is slighly behind schedule, but came out on Tues and erected the scaffolding which allowed me to strip the existing vinyl siding. They came back out on Friday to lay the tar paper and diamond mesh. Stoning should hopefully begin today.

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Good luck, mx! Can't wait to see your installation.

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