Requesting MORE help with floor plan

petesmomJuly 19, 2012

I have posted about this floor plan before, but I keep coming up with new ideas and want a sounding board if you will.

This is the front elevation and I love it

This is the first floor, where most changes would take place.

-Foyer closet needed for guest jackets and what not

-Omitting vaulted ceilings

-Moving the garage to the left side. Flipping the master bedroom and en-suite and putting the study where the garage is currently so that if/when babies arrive it is easy for me to get to the nursery and if no babes than easy access to bed after a long night on the computer. There would only be access from the master bedroom. I planned on removing the door from the master to the porch anyway. I would then put the dining room somewhere near where the study currently is.

There are other changes that I have already discussed on here such as door swings and door changes.

Are the changes I want even possible? Is it too much and I should just scrap this plan and look for another? I know ultimately I would have to talk with the plan designer about these changes. You guys may have an even better solution and I would really to prefer to only pay the designer once for possible changes.

Please advise, Thank you

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Here is a chopped up idea of what Im talking about.

I did this in MS Paint and I am very aware that it needs cleaned up and doors and stuff would have to be fixed, but I think this portrays what I am looking for

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pic is not showing up

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Hmmm. When I view it shows...

Here is the link so you can see it that way. Thanks for letting me know

Here is a link that might be useful: Plan Images

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What we can't see is the version you did in Paint.

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A few things without seeing your edits:
-I like the foyer with a view to the back of the house.
-The great room is nicely sized however the hallway really eats up sq footage.
-The kitchen island is way to small to be functional.
-There is no window in the actual kitchen just the breakfast area.
-I HATE the sink/ peninsula thing. I don't think it's useful I would move the sink to the wall and put a window above it.
-HATE the corner whirpool tub. No one uses those things and it is bad placement.
-The laundry garage area is extremely tight.
- The master bedroom is very long and oversized for the scale of the house.

I have to be honest between the master bath, kitchen and mud entrance I don't really like the plan.

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To be honest for what you would pay for this plan and modifications I would spend a tad bit more and go custom. My architect did a WONDERFUL job on my house and his prices are very good.

I cannot recommend him enough.

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