gmail problem

clairdo2June 27, 2011

The done word has disappeared. I can't forward, how do i get it back?

I have windows 7 pavillion hp laptop

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When I open a message to read it in gmail there is a choice at the bottom of the message to reply or forward. Is this what's missing? Ive never noticed the word 'done' in gmail.

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I have reply and forward but the done word was on the bottom right...

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Wish I could help but I don't have that now and don't recall seeing it. You say you have the forward option but that doesn't work? I don't have the 'done' choice but have no trouble forwarding.

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I use Firefox and gmail. I have the "done" showing in my "status bar" @lower left. The status bar shows the progress of the page loading, and when it is fully loaded, the word "done" appears. Is this what you are referring to? If you have lost your status bar, go to "view" and see if "status bar" is checked?
I have no problem "forwarding mail".

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