Suggestions for House plans?

Stephanie LangnerJuly 8, 2014

I have attached a marked up copy of our house plans. Before we make the plans final, can you please give me some suggestions / comments?

There is a media room on top of the third car garage with a full bathroom right on top of the garage bathroom (not shown).


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Stephanie Langner

One more thing... we are building on 1.6 acres.


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Things I like:
- general flow
- separation of public & private spaces
- large screened porch
- foyer that doesn't have direct line of sight to kitchen, baths or bedrooms
- the square windows and glass block

I would not want this master bath configuration at all. I don't like to take a long hot bath in the middle of the room. I want it to feel more intimate. Tubs look beautiful positioned like that, but I don't like the feel. I think you have to go through the bath to get to the closet. That seems like a trek if you decide you need to go back and get something else before leaving the house. I also generally don't like a master bath so large. I would rather have the square footage in the bedroom where you have some flexibility. It's just open space in a bathroom.

It's your house. You have your lifestyle and priorities so do what pleases you.

But hey, I'd love to come sit on that screened in porch with you!

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There are a couple of things I would address if this was my house.

-The entrance to guest suite will be difficult to navigate with furniture.

-The grilling porch is really far from the indoor kitchen.

-I love the garage bath but also hate it. If it were just a garage bath, it would keep DH outside when "dirty", fantastic! It appears though that you are trying to make a pool bath and having that open back into the garage isn't ideal.

-If I am right and your are planning a lot of outdoor living, the access is limited. You have to enter through the screen porch/great room or the front door. I think a back hallway with access for the pool bath and another door out to the yard would be a goal of mine.

-Your kitchen is huge but I don't like that when you enter from the garage, you run smack into the end of the angled island. I might consider one large island rather than two and place it perpendicular to the where the smaller one is.

These are just nit picks of mine. It's a nice house, especially that screen porch!

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The dishwasher needs to be moved because you cannot stand at the sink and open it.

I would put the jack and jill bathroom on the outside wall so it would have a high window and put the closet on the interior since it does not need a window.

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Stephanie Langner

Thank you all so much for the suggestions! I have already sent them to my architect. Please keep them coming!


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