Fabulous Beekman Boys

publickmanApril 20, 2011

Does anyone else watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green? Kevin and I just started watching it this week and will be recording future episodes to make sure we don't miss them. To make it cooking related, they sellproducts that they produce, although they make only limited quantities of cheese. Rosie O'Donnell was a guest on the episode we watched, and even she didn't get to buy any of their cheese! We both thought the show was very funny and entertaining, and I was surprised to learn later that it has gotten hate mail on some other web sites. Anyway, I was very impressed with their farming style.


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Lars, I've seen it a couple of times at Elery's, I don't get Planet Green. I saw the one where they raised the pigs to slaughter and thought it was very entertaining, although I kept thinking that someone should tell those poor guys they shouldn't make pets out of something that was destined to be dinner.


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I haven't. I was wondering why they would received hate mail. Is it because they're gay? I hope not, shame on those people. If that's why. So they sell cheese, truffles, and what looks very interesting to me, goat milk soaps? cool!

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Oh yeah, Lars, I watched all the episodes for last season when they were being rerun. Since I've done my own ''back to the earth'' thing, I enjoyed watching their adventures.

There will always be haters, I suppose, of people who make their lives so public. It's too easy to knock someone else when one doesn't have to show up with their opinions and be known, in person!

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Yes, they got hate messages because they are gay and are on TV. They don't make an issue about being gay, and one poster said that she thought they were brothers but became disgusted when she found out they were gay and therefore should neither be seen nor heard! I didn't know they were gay until they said at some point - it's really not part of the show - the show is all about farm experiences by people from the city - a sort of updated version of Green Acres except that both of them are making good efforts. I think they are very sweet and delightful people, which is why I was shocked by some of the reactions some people had expressed. I can't understand why anyone cared to the extent as to say that they should not be allowed to be on the air. No one is forcing anyone to watch them, and I found them interesting as well as entertaining. I was particularly interested in their methods for making artisanal cheese. I had some goats' milk cheese that a woman from Sonoma had made herself, and it was absolutely wonderful. I really did not expect people watching the Green Channel to have that kind of attitude.

I'll be looking for more reruns of the shows because I missed the entire first season.


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"...I found them interesting as well as entertaining. I was particularly interested in their methods for making artisanal cheese..."

And that's exactly why they should be on. More please! Sounds good to me.

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I thought watching them grapple with butchering their pigs was as real as it gets, and I'd much rather watch something like that than...teen mothers having babies or over-privileged women with issues. Also, the whole goat thing was hilarious, as I've had my own experience with goats. I think you'll really enjoy the last season, Lars.

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I saw them on another program and thought the were endearing. It prompted me to watch their show. I found it interesting to watch the running of the farm and how they balance their lives. I love all the animals, especially those baby goats!

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