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swfrSeptember 25, 2012

Hi all. This is my first time posting but I have been reading these boards long enough to know that there are some really expert eyes out there. I'm hoping at least one of you will give this a try. I have a space that currently has a bathroom in it that my children share. Unfortunately we are finding that it's just not quite big enough to be functional as they grow. We would like to start a remodel project that will give them additional space by reallocating an adjoining bedroom closet and linen closet. I am going to try to upload the floorplans of what is there, plus the empty dimensions of what space we'll have to work with. Would any of you be willing to show me what you think you'd do with the space? Because of the angled walls, I am finding it very tricky. I am hoping to incorporate a toilet and tub room that is separate from a room wiht a double vanity (or two single vanities.)

If you have any questions, I'm glad to answer them. I *really* appreciate any opinions or ideas you guys might have!!!

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Here is the empty layout with dimensions that I hope are easier to see.

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I'm absolutely not an expert. But I do love puzzles and just got a brand new pad of 10 square per inch graph paper I need to break in! Can you post the dimensions of each room, or at least the overall outside dimensions? And is that hall something that can be manipulated? Are there stairs involved?

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Thanks for being willing to take this on! The bathroom dimensions are on the second drawing-- the "top" of the trapezoid is 5', the straight side is 7', and the "bottom" (longest side) is 13'. The hallways can be manipulated as long as the access to the kids' rooms isn't a problem. The length of my daughter's room, not including the closet, is 12'. The length of my son's room from window to closet is 14'. Both rooms are 10'6" wide. The hallways as drawn is 3'x7'. It connects to a larger hallway that leads to the other bedrooms and is open to the great room below.
Thanks again! I'd love to see what anyone comes up with! I can post some of my ideas, too, but would rather leave it blank to get some fresh ideas.

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I have fine tuned the measurements and put them on a better layout. I had some measurements wrong before.
It's the bathroom that I want help with. Again, my only real requirements are that it have two sinks. Hopefully a toilet and bath that are separated by a door. Anything that a boy and girl can share for their whole time at home.

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This is really a simple idea, but the first thing that comes to mind is to put a tub (or a really nice walk-in shower) on the wall where your D's closet is now. Then the toilet goes to the lower right corner, where the tub is, and a long double vanity along the wall where the current vanity is. I don't think you gain much by reclaiming the linen closet - that corner would be hard to reach from the vanity.

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Well, I would get rid of the angles. They eat up a lot of your space. What about this? I dew over the existing plan, new walls in pink highlighter.

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I'd love to make two separate rooms-- one with vanity/ies and one with toilet and tub. What do you think?

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How about this? It's just the lower right corner reworked. You can put in whatever size vanity you want on either side, and use some space for a lowered counter seated area, or storage cabinets, or other useful stuff. But each child has their own side.

You can also easily make 2 separate bathrooms if you lose the angles. Just put a sink in the right room where it says hampers, and in the left room replace one vanity with a tub and put the toilet in front of the door.

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Thanks again. I'm going to work with this new idea tonight.

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You're welcome! I always feel more ideas are better, might spark something. But again, I am not an expert, or even an experienced amateur. Someone that know's what they're doing will need to make sure all codes and such are met.

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Oh yes, for sure. We're working with a contractor, but I'd rather collect ideas here (for free) before we start paying someone to draft the plans!

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