Plumbing allowances/Free Standing tub suggestions

aam31July 28, 2014

We are about a month out from breaking ground. Went to price out all plumbing today....quite frustrated with the results vs. my allowances. My dream was to do a cool free standing tub in the master bath. Budget doesn't allow for my $5k dream tub.

Does anyone have cost effective options for a free standing tub? Looking at brands like Kohler and Bain Ultra with the plumbing company today, seems like I won't be able to get a brand name for under about $3500.

Has anyone had good experience with another, lesser known, brand?? I'm trying to avoid doing a built in tub with a deck.

The company also suggested doing a drop in tub with a surround made just for it that would still stand on its own, away from the wall. Does anyone have any pictures of this style???

Thanks everyone!

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Mirolin is a Canadian brand, I don't know if it's available in the US.

This is a tub they make that comes with it's own surround that it drops into. This is probably what the store was suggesting.

I used to think freestanding tubs were crazy expensive until I started pricing out the surrounds for undermount tubs. Although with a freestanding, the faucets are extra expensive, too.

Another source of inexpensive, freestanding tubs is Also, I've been watching Kijiji/Craigslist for a used, or a tub someone bought before changing their mind.

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I ran into a similar problem...I didn't want the built-in tub that was included in my plumbing allowance. The stand alone tub I wanted was super expensive. My ID suggested looking at Vintage Tub and Bath (an online firm.) I found a very pretty claw foot tub for around $1500 (of course the specialty plumbing fixtures/pipes required for stand alone tubs is additional.) They were WONDERFUL to work with, and will even hold your tub to be shipped until you are ready for it. Plus free shipping!

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I've seen some nice ones on Signature Hardware. I don't know if they are good or bad but the prices are good.

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I'm planning on the Kohler K6369, Sunstruck. It's about $2,500 and has room for a deck mounted faucet.

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victoria and albert sells tubs that aren't terribly expensive
you might look on

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With the encouragement of our interior designer, my wife got excited about a freestanding tub. The tub itself was about $5000, but the shock was the floor-standing faucet, which was another $3500+. So all up about a $6k add to our budget all to create a "look". Good luck finding a nice floor mount faucet design for less than $3k. In certain circumstances you may be able to swing a wall mounted filler but that does limit your placement options.

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American Standard cadet freestanding tub. Google it. Even comes with the floor-mount tub filler included. Not sure of the quality though. And not very flashy. Maax also offers $1k and up tubs. Deck-mount faucets will be less expensive.

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This is the one I'm planning to purchase. By the time you add the cost of the base and drain, it comes to about $2k. I found a wall mount faucet from Kohler for about $1600 on the same site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free standing tub

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Oops. Sorry! That link was to the base. Here's the tub.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tub

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We looked at several of the Maax tubs. They just weren't as comfortable as the V+A. (Though on the plus side, the V+A was also more comfortable than the $12,000 For Loft Michael S. Smith Kallista tub).

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We are going for the Victoria and Albert Amalfi tub. I sat in it in the Ferguson showroom and my tall frame fit in there comfortably. Ferguson also has a V and A tub that is especially for them called the Mozzano. It was a little tight in the legroom, but I liked it. The Amalfi was such a neat looking tub and I just had to have it! Plus I like that their tubs are made of stone and resin and not just acrylic or fiberglass. The builder price for the tub was about $3k as I recall. If you don't have a Ferguson, I know Morrison showrooms are also V and A dealers as well.

Those tub fillers that come up from the ground are CRAZY expensive. So we are going to have a small ledge built right by the tub and will buy the normal tub faucet set to fill it for so much less. Plus the ledge will help hold bubble bath, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victoria and Albert Amalfi tub.

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Yes...I was shocked at the price of the tub filler! It was insane! I will add that the tub I got from Vintage Tub and Bath is not stone or iron. For our purposes it was fine...we do not spend time soaking in the tub, we are shower people. If you are a bath person you may want a different material, acrylic tubs dont hold heat as well for long soaks.

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Excellent point nini on the heat retention. That's another reason we went with V and A because you can soak for a while and the water will stay warmer.

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We have the VA Asia model tub. I put it in my last home and while shopping for the new home re-model, I saw the Asia on the showroom floor at the local Plumbing supply house. I asked how long it had been on display and if they were looking to replace their displays. They have to do this periodically. They shot me a price which I found fair and they stored the tub for me for 3 months until the job was ready. Win/win in my book.

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For those that have V&A, do you find the base to be to narrow for comfort? I sat in the Monaco yesterday. At 31" base, I found the tub quite uncomfortable. For reference, I'm 5'4"

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I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone here, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. It's a tub. You fill it with water, put soap in it, and clean up. My first car didn't cost as much as some of these. Why go to such an expense for this? Again, I mean no disrespect, but this is a head scratcher to me.

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aam31, the Amalfi which is what I sat in at Ferguson is around that width, and my husband and I felt comfortable. For reference, I am a 6'1" female and my husband is 6'0" and we are both broad shouldered. The Mozzano is 29 inches wide and I felt it was a little snug and I also didn't feel like I could stretch out as much.

Not Bob the Builder, I can see why you would say that. I am a very tall female with long legs. My husband and I are runners and it's important for us to have a nice tub that I can stretch out and soak in after long runs. My old house had an acylic garden tub and although it was nice and deep, I couldn't even straighten my legs and it didn't hold in heat.

I am choosing a V and A tub because it has a 25 year warranty and it being made of stone, it will hold warmth in longer so I can soak comfortably longer. I feel like it's worth the investment :)

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What style are you looking for? I got my solid cast-iron clawfoot tub and freestanding tub faucet from Signature Hardware and absolutely love them. Signature Hardware prices were great, they were very easy to work with, and everything I purchased from them seemed to be very high quality. I have a total of 8 faucets plus my bathtub from them. Have been in the house four years now and no leaks or problems with any of it yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Signature Hardware free standing tubs

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Thanks everyone. I was able to find the intacia with inverted pedestal by MTI as a floor model they were looking to get rid of so going with that! Check it out, really a beautiful tub.

Here is a link that might be useful: Intarcia tub

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NotBob, if you can't discuss building choices, in a building forum, whatever the price point, then what are we all doing here?

If we use your argument, we should all be driving basic Toyota Corolla's and building basic, no frills ranches with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, because that is what everyone should have and no one should want or need to spend any more ... we all make choices and as long as you aren't going into debt or making your kids eat PB&J for every meal, then you can choose what you spend your money on.

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Not once did I ever say a person couldn't spend whatever they want on their homes. What I said is I can't understand the necessity of spending that much money on something so utilitarian as a tub. If you want to spend a million dollars on your home interiors, go for it. Be prepared, however, for the comments you'll get.

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Lol, my tub is pretty much the opposite of utilitarian...we NEVER use it. I bought it for looks alone (well, and maybe some far distant resale.) :) I am the poster child for form over function in this instance!

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NotBob, but why is it acceptable to put down someone for spending $5K on a tub, but it isn't acceptable to put down someone who spent $500 on a tub. That is what you are telling us with your statement "Be prepared, however, for the comments you'll get."

I don't think anyone should be judging others for what they can or cannot spend. Also, real estate is so different across the country. In my town, that millions dollar interior will be a small 1950's 3Bed/1bath ranch that needs to be gutted, so price doesn't even begin to paint the whole picture.

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NotBob, personally I agree with you, but my wife and interior designer disagree, so the commitee has ruled.

I agree they can look better (see link), but not 2-3x the cost better.

Of course everyone will have a thing or three that they optimize that is a bit outside the mainstream. That's what makes it a custom home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free standing bath tub pictures

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First, to the OP, I apologize for hijacking your thread. You had a legitimate question and I turned it into another topic. Hope you can get your issue worked out to your satisfaction.

To comment further would be to further hijack the thread (and fruitless), and as I've made my position clear, I have no further intention of doing so.

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Thanks NotBob! Glad you stopped the string. I found as awesome deal which I posted above so problem solved. I'm hesitant to tell you it's actually a $10k tub, however I didn't spend near that. Cheers

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