36" American Range All Gas vs 36" Wolf All Gas Range

KDGrossAugust 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I have been trying to research and eliminate many of the pro ranges from my list so that I can zero in on a couple to choose from. I need to stay as budget conscious as possible but I want to get a good quality range. I have always loved the Wolf but thought it was out of my range. It is about $1000 more than the AR but not sure if it is worth that price difference. Anyone have any thoughts, experiences with either. Would love some opinions!! Thanks

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Recently, there have been two GW members that experienced chipping in the porcelain of their Wolf oven. This has rekindled fears that a systematic problem with Wolf blue porcelain from about 5 years ago returned. Generally Wolf is thought to have excellent fit and finish and customer service but at least one of these owners is not satisfied with proposed Wolf resolution and is recommending people not buy Wolf ovens or ranges.

Quite a few members here have purchased the AR Performer Series. If getting AR that is definitely the one to get. One member in the last year had a defective oven but the range was replaced under warranty and last I checked that AR owner was satisfied.

The burners on the AR PS are far superior to Wolf burners. In short I would go with AR Performance Series.

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I'm pretty sure the chipping issues with Wolf are NOT on the all gas ranges. I love my Wolf all-gas range and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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I'm pretty sure the chipping issues with Wolf are NOT on the all gas ranges. I love my Wolf all-gas range and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Systematic errors are errors inherent in the system not errors created by chance. Does NOT mean 100% failure rate. Means a failure rate greater than the average or the mean. That accurately describes Wolf ranges made 4-6 years ago. Maybe sooner and maybe later than that.

Two members having a problem does NOT mean there is a problem with ALL ranges.

There are many people that love there $500 Frigidaire range and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Does not make it best in class nor even a great range.

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The problems with Wolf are with blue enamel only. No one has reported chipping otherwise. The stacked burners are great. I would listen to people who have actually owned and cooked with these burners(either kind). I have the Wolf DF and have had the chipping. I do love the burners though and I almost would consider replacing mine with the AG but wouldn't give them my money again based on their inability to stand behind their product. I think 4 yrs 8 mos is too short of a time for any range to last, so I would not reccomend them. The chipping started before this but I didn't see it. As far as the blue enamel goes there are ovens from April of this year that are already having issues. It is not just from 4-5 years ago. They don't seem to have fixed it. There are enough people who have gone through multiple ovens on this forum and elsewhere that it seems to me to be an ongoing issue.

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In February we were making a decision about the AG ranges and were looking at American, Bluestar and Wolf. We did tons of research and looked and looked. At that time I was also thinking I wanted a color range rather than stainless, so that narrowed it down to Bluestar and American. We decided the American was a better value than the Bluestar and were ready to order until we did a final measurement and discovered that the extra depth of the Performer would not work in our particular configuration because a drawer on an adjacent wall wouldn't open. So, much as we would have liked it, that eliminated that possibility.

Then, we found an AG Wolf floor model on clearance (one of the old models with the open burner) and bought that. I like it, but personally I wouldn't want the burners on the new model Wolf. And, there have been a couple times (maybe only 3 or 4) when I thought to myself I would have liked to have one of the more powerful burners from the Performer. In your shoes, I'd save the money and get the Performer. This doesn't mean I don't like the Wolf; it just means that I don't think it is worth the extra money now, especially considering the fact it has sealed burners.

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