Conestoga and other RTA cabinets?

karynSeptember 5, 2013

Anyone have opinions of them - or an even less expensive way to do a long vanity base?

Strange but I can't seem to find stock sizes of 30" sink base and matching 24" drawers/door anywhere! The best I could do is one door on the left and two drawers on the right on all 3 cabinets next to one another - which would look strange.

24"drawers + 30"sink + 24"drawers =
78" total @ 34.5"H/21"D.

Seems so simple but will have to be custom made I guess.

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I did RTAs that I connected myself. I don't understand what you are asking though.

In my case, I put a 24, 15, 24 sidebyside for my bath vanity.

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Thanks - what I was asking - is - "Anyone have opinions of them"????

What about these kits - do they suck? Ikea level - or worse like Walmart Furniture? Or maybe they are better than custom built? Do they use the colored plastic screw hole covers to "hide" screw holes on the exterior finishes? ANY sense as to what they are like would be appreciated.

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I think that it depends on the line. In my case, no plastic screw covers. Looks great from the exterior. Went together fairly well, and square, etc. But, it could be dependent on the line of RTA. I ordered sample doors ahead of time to verify colors, etc.

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I just posted this picture of my Ikea cabinets on your other thread. I used 2 drawer base units and a sink cabinet, all 30 inches. Very functional. I use the lower drawers to hold lots of towels as I don't have a very big linen closet. Since these are kitchen cabinets, they're 24" deep which might be more than what you want in a bathroom. In that case I'd recommend Sherr's which I used in my kitchen - very high quality, you can get the exact sizes you need. From Upstairs Bath

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I saw the other thread first and was going to ask - 21" deep cabinet? No. That it the HUGE differentiation between bath and kitchen cabinets - otherwise all the big box stores sell kitchen sizes of 25" deep in all kinds of widths and modular configurations (which I would have already purchased...)

Typically because it's for bathrooms however - the price doubles and you get 3-4" less depth. Go figure.

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I cut one of my RTAs down to 21 inches (from 24). In my case, I preferred 24" bases, but if you only have the room for 21, you'll have to try something else.

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Karyn, you're right. There certainly is more choice available in the stock/RTA cabinets at the kitchen depth and height. Since that's what I wanted anyways, to gain more storage room, I found there were plenty of options. Having said that, I did go custom. Not inexpensive, but actually more cost effective than ordering from a cabinet place and having to pay upcharges for modifications. ( I wanted an all drawer base, so would have to pay to modify each drawer to fit around plumbing).

Have you tried looking on Craigslist or Kijiji? I found pretty good quality and very reasonably priced cabinets for my son's basement kitchen. they do RTA or will assemble them. They are imports, but the quality was nice, and certainly better than what they are replacing!

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Barker cabinets builds them to spec. Lots of threads on the kitchen forum about their cabs.

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