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ronalawn82June 18, 2011

I have a Gateway laptop and recently acquired an "Inspiron 560" desktop.

Trouble is, all my information is stored on 3.5" discs.

The "Inspiron" has no 3.5" disc slot. It has SM, XD, CF/MD. SDMINI, MMC/RS, MS/PRO DUO slots.

The laptop has a PCMIA slot in addition to the 3.5"

What are my options?

I want the Gateway for portability and the desktop for Home/Office use. Reluctantly, I realize that 3.5" discs are obsolescent.

Your advice is most welcome.

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If you have a router.. enable networking and file sharing.

I assume they both have USB.. a usb thumb drive mwke it fairly simple if not networked.

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A 3.5 disc contains no more than 1.44 MB. You didn't mention how many discs are involved...10? 20? More? You could create one or more .zip files of the files you want to move. Create a secondary email address for yourself (if you don't already have one) and email the files to that address, then download and unzip them. Might take a little time and effort, but would work if you have no immediate alternative.

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Or copy them to the laptop, burn to CD/DVDs and transfer. This also gives you a more up to date set of backups.

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