Computer freezing up

berkJune 24, 2012

What would make my computer freeze up for a few seconds all the time. Then it works fine again for awhile. I have scanned it, cleaned it and still it freezes up like that all the time. TY

I have windows 7 and my computer is only around a year old and I don't download anyhting.

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Is there a pattern as to what you are doing it freezes up?

Have you made any installations, configuration changes or removals prior to this beginning?

Have you checked to see what is running in the background?

Amount of RAM and percentage used?

Do you have system scans or application tasks, i.e. financial, stock market, e-mail set to automatically update?


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Berk take a look at your event logs -
click Start
click Control panel
click System and Security
Near the bottom of that page click View event logs

In the new window click the plus sign beside Windows logs on the left side of your screen
click System to highlight it and the results will be viewable. Scroll down looking for red error messages. You can click or double click on these to see the error codes and meanings.

You might also look on the taskbar near the clock for a pennant style flag, click on this to bring up a small window. If the flag is not there then click on the tiny up arrow in the clock area.

Failing that go to the Control panel again
click System and Security and under the Action Centre heading you'll see the option to troubleshoot common computer problem, try that too.

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I am always just looking at a page and moving it up or down when it freezes. I went to the spot you mentioned, System Security and ran a few things on it but don't know yet if it helped or not.
Yes I do have automatic update on too.

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What antivirus program do you have on the computer and is it current..Hopefully you only have one antivirus program on it..more than one can cause conflicts....

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Along Gene's thought, you should have your malware applications set to on-demand rather than real-time also.


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Correct. Here is my speech for running 2 anti virus, I keep this in notepad because i use it so often, and just paste it in when required...

The real-time protection of two antivirus programs may conflict with each other and cause the following:

* False Alarms: When the anti virus software tells you that your PC has a virus when it actually doesn't.
* Conflicts: Your system may lock up due to both products attempting to access the same file at the same time.
* Performance: More that one antivirus will cause your PC to become slow and it may even crash or blue screen.
* Less protection: Two antivirus trying to scan the same file may interfere with the process and allow a malicious file onto the computer without notice to you.

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What brand/model of computer? Desktop or laptop?
Have you tried another mouse?
Is the trouble random since new?
Any relation to running time after startup?
Room holding computer has ac or is hot on hot days and that is when trouble starts?
Computer fans working ok, it's not real dusty inside?

When my HP desktop was brand new it had symptoms like that on 90+ really scorching days that summer but has been ok since then.

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If you dont answer, we have no idea if anything worked or if you have tried some of these suggestions...lettuce know

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Sorry, been so darn busy. Anyhow I have AVG for security and many months ago it would freeze up and tell me I had some sort of leak??? The only solution I found was to turn it off and restart and it would work fine for hours then I would get the same notice show up and some how I stopped the notices and just thought about that earlier. Anyhow I have no idea whay the memory leak I think they called it is or was happening or what to do about fixing it but I think that is why it is doing it again. TY

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Think I'd instantly uninstall AVG, find their clean up tool and run it before installing Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Do you have the Microsoft Security Essentails on your computer?

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Yep. Have used MSE since it was about 6 months into its 1st beta program. Released versions too. I'm currently in the pre release programs for it through the site. The newest release version is very nice I think, mainly because of daily small incremental definition updates rather than large complete definitions files every update.

Think you will find many that visit here in gardenweb use it & like it too. Install and forget simplicity.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yup, I am with Mickie using MSE. Installed it the day it was released for general use and never felt the need to change.

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