12 x 24 install question

vp_78September 8, 2013

We'd like to install 12x24" tiles in our downstairs bathroom, which is 39" from threshold to wall. This gives us an extra 2-3" beyond 3 rows of the tiles. My question is, where do we make the cut? Do we have 3 rows of intact tiles and then one 2-3" narrow tile? Would this be too difficult to cut? Do we have two rows of intact tiles and then 2 rows of tiles that we cut lengthwise in order to make everything fit?

Is this even an appropriate tile for a beginner tiler who has one tiled floor under his belt? We do have a tile cutter.

And if anyone has 12x 24" tiles in a small bathroom, could you post pictures of your floor and how you dealt with this issue?

Here's a pic of the bathroom with tiles placed down to give you an idea of what's going on. You can see that we'll need an extra 2" or so along the back wall...

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I'm not sure if it would look better, but you could have the 2-3" pieces just be in the doorway and start the full tiles just inside the room past the door frame. Then the full tiles would go all the way to the far wall. Or you could have a different threshhold entirely (maybe wood to match the floor of the hallway or whatever the adjoining floor is) and start the full tiles inside the room.

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I wouldn't use a small 2-3" piece. It wouldn't work in the threshold unless you had a solid piece like marble or something. Otherwise it would look just look what it is, trying to save a couple of tiles. Use 2 rows of intact tiles, and then 2 rows of tiles cut back...OR can you lay the tiles @ 90 degrees, going the other way...would they fit any better in your space?

Hey, we'll be laying 12 X24 tile in our BR, and we've only done backsplashes before... so hope it's not inappropriate!

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The tiles are out of scale with the location in which you wish to use them. I'd suggest that you look for a smaller tile that is more in scale with it's surroundings.

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live_wire that's what we were wondering, whether 12x12s would be more appropriate. We love the rectangular tiles, and there's no doubt they're the most "of-the-moment" so to speak, but we don't want it to look weird.

Raehelen, we think the laying them "horizontally" instead of "vertically" would look odd in the space, especially since the hardwood floors outside of the bathroom would then be going the same direction...

So are 12x24s too large for a small powder room type bathroom?

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I also would suggest sizing the threshold to fit the tile better. I used 12x24 in my small bath and love the look. three fit well for me.
for my threshold I used a piece of granite that matched the vanity top.

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Exactly what jules8 wrote.

If the three tiles will fit within the wall-to-wall footprint of the actual bathroom, do that, and add a fill-in at the door threshold. The fill-in at the door threshold can be matching tile, but it probably would look better if it was contrasting stone or even a piece of hardwood flooring salvaged off the bathroom floor.

Will they fit that way?

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Hmm, that's interesting how you used the granite as a threshold piece. I talked to a "tile person" (you never know how expert they are...) at one of the big box hardware stores. She suggested using two notched tiles to go next to the threshold, then using 2.5" wide strips next to the wall. But I'm wondering if it'll look weird? I'm going to show my husband your bathroom pic, Jules -- thanks for posting!!! Maybe I should start another thread asking if people can post pics of their half bath floors...

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this is one of my other bath floors....tiny full bath.
the tiles are 9x18, positioned lenthwise from the door. and I used granite for the threshold in that one also (and the same granite on the shower curb)

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Very pretty Jules!

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