monitor cycling off and on

granny2anbJune 29, 2013

I have a HP Pavillion slimline S5503W. Every couple of days my monitor will go off and back on. It does this several times and then is okay for a few days. It's not the monitor as I've switched the monitor to another of my desktop computers without having the problem. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Poor connection of monitor cable on either end
Video system going bad in computer
Virus / malware at work
Intermittent NO POWER to monitor

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That computer was released in 2010 so I presume you purchased back there meaning the warranty has expired.

It is a simple job to install a video card, your problem will be finding one with a low profile to suit the case if it turns out to be a faulty onboard video. Tigerdirect has a selection, there is one on sale at half price and with good reviews. Not promoting Tigerdirect, just using them as an example of what is on the market. Stay away from the higher priced ones because your power supply is likely not powerfull enough to handle them, nor are there likely to be the added power connections the higher end cards require to work.

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Thanks owbist. I'll check out Tigerdirect.

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Thought #1

Does this occur when your using it or just when it is idle? When you report "off" are you meaning blank screen or the monitor actually is off?

I'm just mulling over the thought of the power settings.

Thought #2

Do you have the computer and/or monitor plugged into a power strip/suppressor? If so, plug both directly into the wall and wait to see if the malady reoccurs.


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Thanks for the suggestions damccoy.

#1 The computer screen goes blank and then comes back on.

#2 I had the computer and monitor both plugged into a power supply but after your suggestion I plugged them directly into the wall with the same results.

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We have to get on the same page here. Is the screen blank or is the monitor off? Somewhere on the monitor there is a pilot light which shows if the monitor is on. In my case the monitor on-off button is gold when the monitor is off. It is then blue when the monitor is on.

What, if anything, causes the monitor to come "back on"? Mouse movement? Keyboard activity?

Honestly, I think the monitor is just going "to sleep".


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When it goes off have you been inactive, not touching the mouse or keyboard. If that is what is happening the display is automatically turning off and needs to be set for a longer time or set on never. If you think that is the problem, check the open office thread for instructions.

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