change from Master to slave?

carolssisJune 23, 2011

When booting into Safe Mode, my computer shows me that it boots into Slave or Secondary instead of Master. This change was made by a computer technician at a shop I took it to for repair. I don't understand this change, and shop has closed, so no answers can be had there. I plan to re-install my O,S. and want to know if this change is going to be a problem during install. Can anyone understand what I mean, and help me out with this? Thank you in advance.

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I don't fully understand it either. The computer should boot to the the drive with the operating system on it that usually being "C". When you boot to Safe mode do you still have access to your windows operating system?

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Explain what you see that gives you the notion you are on the slave drive.

I suppose it is possible the tech rearranged the DVD and hard drive on the ribbon cable so he could have the CD as the first drive sought during startup. Not necessary of course because this is usually taken care of in the BIOS settings.

Click Start, click My computer and you should see the hard drive/s and DVD player listed, what letters are allocated to each of them?

What was the problem the tech was supposed to correct?

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My computer shows (C) as the hard drive, D and E are DVD and CD=rw. I had the cpu in as I had replaced the hard drive. I was having trouble installing O.S. He changed out my original ribbon for the hard drive and made the change then. Yes, when I boot, I do have access to the operating system. The screen that shows me that it is secondary or slave drive first order, instead of Master is one I get to by using F8 or F11 when booting. I want to re=install the operating system, I think it's been installed twice and have been having trouble with it since this trip to computer repair store. I can't do a lot of the things I used to be able to do, have no use of any icon across the top of page, home, email, print. Printer only works from and internet page. Not at all from any program. Have done the uninstall and reinstall of printer, newest drivers, all troubleshooting I can find, both in XP and on printer mfg. site. Many other problems will post seperate questions for. I just want to know why I get this chart where you can only use the up and down keys to change what is highlighted for Master or slave.

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