Help with Addition layout-please:)

HouseofsticksJuly 16, 2012

We are trying to have a contractor build an a one story addition 1200-1450ish sq/ft. We live in a stockade style log home but the addition will be stick built, hardie board sided and metal roof the entire structure. We need to keep weight off the existing structure for my piece of mind. (i feel like the 2nd floor already has too much weight on it. We need in the house a total of:

2 large kids rooms (12 1/2X 13 1/2' or larger)

We have 1 girl 7yrs old and 1 boy 4yrs old)

Master Suite-with bath and closet

Kitchen (current kitchen will probably be a laundry room with pantry and wash sink (8'X9') after we remove the bump out of the living room.

Living room

Family Room

Kitchen-single long island size approx 4 or 4'8"X10' or 12'

Dining area-room/nook or booth/bench area

Bathroom-common area bath accessible to both kids rooms or one kids room.

Mud Room-Would like mud area off driveway side (right side) i'm having trouble fitting this in.

Patio-screened patio for relax/entertaining and/or

Deck-screened area or deck off kitchen for bug free dinner/lunch

Pool if we do 1200sq/ft-budget prohibitive if we go 1450

I need help!:) I have done many rendidtions but none seem to have the perfect answer. We are unable to go past the dimensions of the existing home due to a driveway on the right and can only build on the back and back 3-4' on left due to sewer and utilities.

Look forward to your suggestions and help:)


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Move the driveway. Or just plain move. Or do a teardown. A tiny kitchen addition along with other small rooms added on doesn't add a whole lot of utility or value for the gobs of money you will end up spending. You're basically talking about building a whole new house in size, but the constraints are such that it's going to have VERY limited resale appeal. That spells death for any type of bank financing. The original home is cute as is, for a weekend getaway type home. I'd leave well enough alone and find a bigger residence. Your money will go a LOT further and buy you much more space.

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I'm confused. The stairs in the plan go up or down? Are you planning to dormer the second floor and use it? If you can't expand beyond your current footprint (other than 3 or 4 feet on two sides) how will you get the add'l 1200-1450 sf?

I probably agree with live-wire -- that you have an adorable home that could be modified a bit, but not to the extent you are proposing.

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Ouch! :) Merely a flesh wound. We have been looking for a new home since I became pregnant with my now 7yr old as we knew we'd have to change this home or move. We have done updates inside and feel the added space will be a smart investment since we get solutions to our problems. We did area comps vs. building costs and feel like this is the right decision for us based on area schools, privacy and safety conserns. The numbers did make it a rational decision as well. You mentioned financing conserns, we have this part covered. We just need a better plan for the layout.
I agree the current home is a perfect weekend getaway type home, however we live here and never get a chance to get away. So we'd like to make the best of it.
I hope there is a misunderstanding in my description of the area we have available to expand. We can add to the back and to the left of the back yard starting at the back 4' of the home. (approx.90+' to the property line on the left and the back) I hope even if you disagree with our decision you will try to assist me in the design stage.
The kitchen will become a pantry/laundry room and the kitchen will be in the new area. the existing living room will become 13 1/2 X 24'. I would like to do one of two changes to the larger bedroom either keep for my son or change to the dining room/playroom/craft room. If we change use we will need to add 3 bedrooms total. I will try to post our plat and proposed changes. (having trouble scanning in and posting to photobucket.

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I just reread my original post and see that an entire sentence is missing from the builable area description.

We are unable to go past the dimensions on the right side of the home toward the driveway and to the left of the exsisting home. Any new area can be located off the back footprint and also to the left side off the back starting at the back 4' (approx. 90'to the north and south of the back wall of the home:)
The attached pic is of the back part of the existing home and the new addition (it doesn't include the front portion of the existing home as no changes will be made).

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MJLB, The stairs go up to a small loft/master bedroom with small bath (tub/no shower and closet) we will use this for a guest room or playroom depending on what we are able to do with the addition. I hope my last post clears up the buildable area error in my first posting. We can go 90' on two sides starting at the last 4' of the house on the left so left and back beyond that point.

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Sophie Wheeler

Your plans are ill conceived. The proposed style is not cohesive in style with the current home. The proposed kitchen and adjacent spaces are ludicrously small and non functional for so much money being spent.

Do you really want to spend 250K and end up with something that looks about like this, only worse? And that you couldn't really make a grilled cheese sandwich in without hitting your elbows?

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Thanks for your feedback. I am trying to bring some cohesiveness in with using log pillars and the same staining that is on our current logs but, sort of craftsman style with logs and windows that match our current. I actually like the look of what I have pictures of combined with the wood. The new kitchen would be approx. 16'X 18' vs. our homes current kitchen (8X9 with laundry. Our cost is no where near 250K, if this were the case we'd move we are looking at approx $75sqft. I agree the photo you have looks horrible. This is more what I have in mind but with a lighter look (British Khaki with creamy trim on windows and spacer for roof line deck in Sherwin Williams Yankee Barn (our home is this color) Both deck and patio will be screened in. I don't know if you will see any of the addition portion from our front yard (heavily treed and wisteria) I've attached a picture of the type of style (a little simpler though). I appreciate your time and posting.

@House Builders-I'm afraid it might be spam but if it's not, thanks. My husband likes this flagstone look but I ultimately want to replace it with stacked at the chimney, posts and foundation.

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