New Samsung Induction slide-in

jwvideoAugust 5, 2014

Last year, there was a bit of buzz here about Samsung's announced slide-in induction range with knob controls. It now seems to be shipping. The model number is NE58H9970WS.

For those who like rotary knobs for their digital interface on stoves, it does have knob controls for the burners. The oven is pure touchpad.

But (and this is a very big qualifier), Lowe's is currently asking $3,999. It is is taking orders for delivery in about three weeks. (Link below for anybody who might be curious.)

Other stores apparently will sell it for somehwat less. (I found an online listing for PC Richards asking $3300).

That still makes the Bosch Benchmark (HIP501u) and Electrolux slide-ins look like better deals and makes the GE PHS920 slide-in look like a positive bargain (at $2449 at AJ Madison, $2300 at Goedekers according to

The Samsung does seem to have some things that other induction ranges do not.

One is full-depth stovetop cooking surface (looks to be 23" to 24" inches deep in contrast to most others, which are more like 19"). (The burner layout may not be to everybody's liking. though).

Two is the ability to partition the oven into upper and lower chambers, each with its own convection fan and temperature control. This is now called "Twin Mode." (Samsung used to call this this a "Flex Duo.")

Three is in the gimcrack whizbangery category: Samsung installed some kind of stovetop LEDs around each burner ring. These supposedly mimic the look of flames to help cooks who are accustomed to judging heat levels by watching flame height on gas ranges.

Think I'm kidding? Have a look at Samsung's site (which gives a list price of $4099, btw)..

One thing that looks like a design flaw to me is that the oven vent seems to be at the left front, above the oven door and below the control panel. That seems like a really bad idea to me because it is to throw heat and/or steam up onto the left-hand burner controls. (Of course, this is how they manage to have the deeper cooktop.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung slide-in at Lowe's

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I like the knobs and the oven partition sounds useful. Anyone own a Samsung with that feature and want to comment on it? The LEDs sound like a gimmick though and the whole thing seems overpriced. Maybe I'm biased because I had a bad Samsung experience in the past, but it certainly isn't a brand I would pay a premium for.

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I agree with everything hvtech says, although I think the LED's are a gimmick I might enjoy. Honestly not sure. It's nice to look at! I would need a few reviews before springing for that price, though! I think I like the hob layout better than the Bosch I am considering.

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I read through the user guide...a few things I noticed:
When using the knobs to adjust the induction burners, it will show on the dispatch "1-9 or P", so it doesn't look like there are half-steps like on the GE that can do 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, etc.
When using Convection Bake, it has dual fans, but the top and bottom heat elements are on, there is no heat element around the fan. On the GE induction model (and even on the older GE radiant smooth top I have from 1999) there is a dedicated heating element around the convention fan that is used instead of the top/bottom burner.
The dual bake option with partition sounds like a nice idea, but would have to see how well does it do in real life baking.
The oven is self clean, but not the racks. The newer GE models have enamel racks that can be self cleaned in the oven.
The LED flames may look cool, but there is an option to turn them off in the menu settings.
The top induction hob layout looks a bit odd, sort of off, similar to the Bosch. Would have to compare their size and BTU to the GE. But I know the GE has the 5th warning element (radiant) to keep a pan warn. I have that on mine, and only use it during the holidays when the other 4 burners are in use. It's not hot enough to cook, but to keep warn something already cooked.

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As far as samsung range pricing, I've been following the non-induction slide-ins for a while, and for those, they started outrageously high, but frequently go on special for a substantial discount at most big box stores, at least in the US.

Is this one only in Canada so far? I don't see it on the samsung US website, even.

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fauguy- thanks for that! Not being able to self clean the racks is definitely good to know!

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conchitaFL: Funny you should ask. Just checked the Lowe's link I posted above and while I was looking at the page it suddenly dropped the price and changed to saying: "This item is no longer available on" PCRichards and Appliances Connection still list it, but I wonder for how long.

The burner layout also of reminds me of now discontinued Samsung FTQ307 freestanding range.

To add to your point about convection elements, the Samsung website claims that the ovens have "Flex Duo "True Convection". DId a quick search through the manual and page 51 says "DO NOT leave the door open for long periods of time while using convection cooking or you may shorten the life of the convection heating element." That suggests there are convection heating element(s). Darned if I can find any direct info on them. Samsung does not even give specs for the oven elements.

Also to your points about GE ovens you could add that the GE induction ranges' convection element are a full size 2000 watt element instead of the typical 300 watt units..

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Interesting. Before I read past your initial post, I Googled that model number and clicked on the link for Lowe's.
Looks like they have it on sale until Sept 3rd for 10% off.

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Yeehaw- I hope we get some reviews on this in the next few months. It's purty. :-)

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So now the range is $2500 on AJMadison's web site. Has anyone bought it? I'm really tempted!

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For the love of Julia Child, will someone please review this?!!!!

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Lt.islander Thank you for the head up! I went ahead and ordered since the store allowed me to delay delivery until our house is finished. So now the appliance world has 4 months to come out with something I want more!

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I'd really like to know more about this range too. Lowe's offered me a really nice price match on it today. Very tempting. I prefer knobs to fully electronic controls too.

I find it interesting that no GWer has reviewed one of these yet.

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Wow! Doesn't anyone consider the Kenmore ranges anymore? I paid $2,100 for my Kenmore slide-in four years ago and I am pretty sure it does everything these more expensive ones do.

Though I love my induction range, I can't see where it worth $2,000 more than a "regular" electric range with convection. It is a shame that they charge such a premium for induction.

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So stir_fryi, I just looked up the Kenmore Elite induction range and it is about $2200 at Sears. The Samsung being discussed is $2500. It has knobs, so that's the appeal for me. I could do without the faux flame.

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stir-fryi --

Good question.

Similar thoughts have occurred to me, as well, especially with the newest Kenmore/Electrolux freestanding induction range (with knob burner controls) being briefly down around $1300/$1400 over Labor Day and the Kenmore Elite slide-in (also made for Sears by Elux) now being down to $2264.

While slide-ins are always priced well above the corresponding free-standing versions, Samsung's initial suggested retail price was absurd. Lowe's is still asking way too much for the Samsung but AJ Madison (as Lt.islander points out) is presently asking $2500 for it. That's only about $50 more than what AJ Madison is asking for the GE Slide-in Induction (PHS920).

So, for those in the market for an induction slide-in, why indeed not consider the Kenmore Elite slide-in?

As with everything, every choice has tradeoffs.

The Samsung has a larger usable cooktop surface and a distinctly larger oven which can be split into two separate convection compartments. Also has a knob interface for burner controls which really appeals to some. Maybe not worth an extra $2k to most of us, but maybe enough to persuade some to spend the additional $250 that the Samsung costs at AJM versus the Kenmore Elite.

On the other hand, as fauguy noted above, the Samsung owner's manual indicates that the range has only 10 steps for burner heat settings. The Kenmore Elite has half step settings from #3 to # 9 (plus boost) and increments of .2 at the low end between 1 and 2.8 where finer adjustments seem useful.

Judging from user comments, some of the Kenmores have failed after a few years and left some buyers pretty ticked at the company's inabiity to fix the ranges. Samsung has had its share of similar posting for its free-standing induction ranges. In both cases, though, not a very large number of postings good and bad. How Samsung will do with the newest model remains to be seen.

That's the long answer. The short answer is that somebody must be buying those Sears induction ranges but they don't seem to be posting here in the appliances forum at gardenweb.

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JWVideo -- I have had my Kenmore induction slide-in for four years. I also bought the extended warranty -- I have used it one time to replace the convection fan because it was rattling badly.

Having used this stove for four years -- I think the most important consideration when buying is -- are the burners laid out in a way that reflects the way you cook ? For instance, on my stove the large burners are both in the front -- perfect for me because I rarely use anything smaller than a 10" burner.

The number of settings and knobs versus touchpad are all things you get used too quickly and won't really think twice about later.

Funny enough -- this stove's timer does not allow you to set seconds -- only minutes and that bothered me immensely when I first got it!

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Fay Ratta

I am also looking at this for a kitchen re-do. I have to say I like the faux flames. And the knobs

For what it's worth, the electric cooktop version of the Samsung has been around for a while and gets glowing reviews on the Samsung site (referring to the oven part) Even the knocks on Amazon are trivial.

My quandary is should I really consider this a double oven? I've got a spot for wall ovens and am considering an oven/microwave combo. Is that nuts? I was all set for an induction cooktop with double wall ovens when I saw this. now I'm all corn-fused.


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Anyone owns the NE58H9970WS? If yes can you let us know what circuit breaker you have it running on? Samsung absolutely refuses to specify the circuit breaker requirements - I have called them three times hoping to get a helpful rep, but alas, I only get "unit must be installed by a certified professional". What a pot of crock. In any case, if you own this please do me a HUGE favor and post here what circuti breaker it is running off. Thanks!

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