Smaller counter-depth refrigerator

ltlredwagonAugust 26, 2013

Sigh...I suspect my choices will be quite narrow. What I am looking for is a reasonably priced counter-depth refrigerator in the 17 - 18 cu. ft. range. White. The Fisher-Paykel E522BRE4 is the type of thing I am looking for:

I'm disinclined to go with FP for various reasons. But if y'all are high on the FP I might consider it. The fridge is for a mountain cabin so I will definitely be getting extended in-home service contract.

I don't want any ice-maker or water spout. Just 2 plain doors. Top freezer or bottom freezer would be best. If there was something really great I might go with a side-by-side, but I would much rather not as I think these are going to be quite a bit bigger. I want something that takes up as little space as possible - and it must be counter-depth.

Quiet would be a big plus. Noise level now is pretty much creek, wind and critters.

Appreciate any comments at all.

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Your options are Samsung RF197AC French Door, Blomberg BRFB1800WHIM single door bottom freezer, and the F & P.

Samsung is going to the one with highest reliability scores. It is Samsung's top seller in Asia, so you get economies of scale, pretty good features and low defects.

F & P is near the bottom in reliability surveys and the Bloomberg is too rare for anybody to really know.

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I'm looking for the exact same thing, and am going with the Blomberg, because it's the only 30" with ice maker (inside). It's a risk, I know, but there are really very few options.

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if you were willing to go with smaller sz LG makes one with bottom freezer that get rave reviews on any website I have see it listed...but small...10 cu ft...

guess it depends on how many people would be using yours normally and your location to the resupply point...

I have been looking for fridge for garage--as overflow and for drinks because we have one in our FL vacation house and have gotten to love it...but my husband thinks it is too small to be practical...
I hate the built in fridge (big side/side) that came with house we bought several years ago--can't get the crisper drawers out to clean them and freezer is very limited...
he is just not used to thinking outside the box though--so we will likely get a more conventional size eventhough not really what we need...

for us--that LG model would likely be the best combo of extra space, small footprint, and cost...
it is also energy efficient--has vacation setting...

Here is a link that might be useful: LG fridge in titanium finish--white is $200 cheaper

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If you have the vertical space you might check out the summit ffbf28 models, which are taller and skinnier, but hold much more than than the LG.

Here is a link that might be useful: FFBF28 at ajmadison

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price is twice as much for that Summit and the reviews I have seen for that brand are less than impressive--
not saying LG is that great but the specific reviews for THAT model are excellent for the most part...

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The summit is a larger capacity, too. Just putting it out there as an option if they need more than 10 cf.

There are several folks here and in kitchens who have this fridge (summit rebadges, not makes, appliances and I believe this model may be a vestfrost) and they seem pleased with it. I don't have one so can't say anything pro or con from personal experience.

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Thanks all very much. I'll check these out. LG a bit small. Summit also small... but maybe. Samsung might work - good size - shelving options (tall items) apparently very limited; and not crazy about "stack everything up" bottom freezer. Prefer F&P in this regard, but also things I don't like about F&P. Oh well, can't build my own - I'll just have to decide... and get the extended warranty. Thanks for the help.

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I am about to purchase F & P...relatives have one 3 years and love it!

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