A newbook in the Earth's Children series

daylilydayzedApril 17, 2011

I just found the newest book The Land Of Painted Caves by Jean Auel at Walmart for $21.00 She wrote the first book in the series The Clan of Cave Bear many years ago and I have eagerly awaited each book in the series.

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But it's been so long since the last one....I think I have forgotten....was it Vally of the Horses?
Linda C

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Oh, I really loved that series! I think I read the first three around 25 years ago: The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Valley of Horses, and The Mammoth Hunters. After that, life became a lot more hectic, and I didn't keep up with them. But they sparked in me a huge interest in archaeology and anthropology. I remember taking out many library books on Stone Age toolmaking, and the like--I felt like I was giving myself a free college course (without the professor and bluebooks).

I ought to pick up where I left off (I missed The Plains of Passage and Shelters of Stone) and then read the new one in the series. Jean Auel did a remarkable job of intertwining factual information with a great story and memorable characters. Thanks for the heads-up!


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Assume the position! LOL Can't hear the title of Clan of the Cave Bears without thinking of the phrase it made famous.

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I am glad that I could let you know. I have all the books but this one is a hard back while all the others are in paperback.

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read the reviews before you buy and decide to read it. I am not sure I want to based on said reviews :-/

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Why? Is this one substantially different from the others?
I am missing Shelters of Stone.
I think in Jean Aul's books I first came upon the notion that Neanderthals and homo sapiens interbred....now it has been established with fossil findings.
And her knowledge of plants and the healing powers...i.e. datura...Jimson weed, for inducing deep sleep.
Looking forward....but not sure I am strong enough to hold that big a book in hard back!!!
Linda C

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Just that the main characters will be doing stuff that will make them less likable and not in character, you would never expect them to behave like that, not in a good way and these developments are not necessarily believable. The book has lots of repetitions, too much so, so that even die hard fans are not reading all and trying to find new story lines.
Anyway, check out on amazon reviews first to make sure you actually do want to read this one.

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I've loved the Earth Children books and look forward to this latest one. It's been so long since I read the last one, I am rereading it to refresh my memory.

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I just re-read Clan of the Cave Bear and it was a joy to read again.(I do not frequently re-read books)I also became interested in archaelogy and anthropology due to the first reading and actually took classes and went on a few digs in the Sierra foothills (old gold mining camps) She is/was an inspiring researcher and writer. I hope that this new book is as well researched as her early ones.

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