How to have tile guy attach marble chair rail to wall above float

Cari_SchaeferSeptember 7, 2012

I have always lurked on this site but tonight I cant help but ask for help......remodeling bathroom. Long story & 2nd tile guy on job!

Tub & shower white 3x6 subway tile.. Plan was to have marble chair rail cap off subway around tub & extend in thru the shower for an accent. Wall's were prepared with float & now the tile guy is telling me that I will need a 3/4 round to finish off on top of the chair rail due to the float. Or put another row of subway above chair rail & cap off tile with 3/4 round.

I would prefer chair rail be the last row without 3/4 round on top. Can chair rail be attached to wall with thick layer of thin set to make up difference in depth with subway that is attached to float so I dont have to use 3/4 round on top of chair rail? Am I asking for the impossible? Not even sure if I am asking this correctly!?

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Either that, or float it to the ceiling, and then plaster and paint above the chair rail.

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Thank you Bill! If the 2 x 12" chair rail is attached to the wall above the float with thick layer of thin set will that be secure? Would there be any reason the tile guy might not want to do that application? Just trying to prepare myself:)

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Thinset shrinks as it dries. If you use too much, the piece will not stay where you want it. The only way I'd say that could be done would be to use thinset as a bond coat on the back of the tile, as well as on the wall, and then use the same mortar he used for the float coat to build the chair rail out to where it needs to be. That still leaves the question of what to do above it, thouh.

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Bill thank you so much for your insight on the thin set. I have opted to go with a row of subway tiles on top of the chair rail with a 3/4 round on top of the tile. This chair rail runs through the shower as well & I think it will be beautiful this way as well. The chair rail on one end of tub lines up with vanity marble top so aesthetically it should work out!?! Will post pics when tile is in.

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