Consumer Reports Rates Computer Phone Support

mike_kaiser_gwJune 7, 2011

From the July 2011 issue of Consumer Reports:

The best computer tech support (via phone) - Apple

The worst computer tech support (via phone) - [Almost] Everybody else (Acer/Gateway/eMachines, Asus, Dell, HP/Compaq, Sony, Toshiba)

Lenovo isn't on the list so I guess they fall in the middle somewhere or they weren't surveyed.

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Sevral months ago I got excellent telephone support
from my laptop manufacturer.
But that wasn't until i'd wasted several hours talking to India and made a phone call to the company CEO.
Try it the next time you get the run-a-round, it works wonders.

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One thing I learned, when you order a computer, order through their business unit. Same computer, same price, but say it is used for business. The warranty is better, the service is quick and excellent, and the techs are NA. I actually find the business machines are better priced.


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Now that's an interesting tip.

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