AppData omdaz.dll

jamesntnJune 27, 2013

When I boot up I receive a msg: "There was a problem starting AppData\roaming\omdaz.dll. The specified module could not be found." I cannot find the term omdaz.dll in any search site. Anyone have a clue?


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You do not state which Windows, that makes help difficult.

Try looking here and work through carefully. Personally I would start with item 7 the SFC program, it will likely fix the issue unless your computer is infected.

What anti virus and malware programs are you running? Have you updated those and ran a FULL scan with each to ensure the machine is clean?

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Why don't we we look in the application data folder.

AppData\roaming, see whats in that folder. Like owbist said "need to know the operating system" so we can guide you to the folder location, as there different locations for each operating system.

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