Hood Lighting- replacing Halogen with LED

GWloloAugust 6, 2013


The halogen lights in my hood (modernaire) are uncomfortably hot. Is it possible to replace them with cooler LED lights? The lights are currently operated with dimmer knobs

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There is a chance you can. There are hoods now made with LEDs, and there might be some replacement bulbs. You will need to know your connector type of your halogen's as well as the max wattage rating for the unit.

If you can find on with the same type of connector then you would also need to make sure that it is dimmable so it will work with your dimmer knobs.

Here is one place I found doing a quick google search for replacing Halogen with LED bulbs.



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Here's another source - lightbulbsdirect.com. I found it when I was searching to find xenon or LED replacements for my hood halogen lights.. I still haven't ordered any, but I thought it was interesting that on this site they explain all about the different types of bulbs and what you can use instead.

Here is a link that might be useful: lightbulbsdirect.com

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Yes, there are plenty of "drop-in" replacements. My personal favorite source is divinelighting.com (talk to Livingston, he was very helpful).

While I was shopping around for appliances, I came across multiple mentions that range hood halogen lights get very hot and uncomfortable. I had some other questions regarding hoods, and thankfully the range hood company representative I spoke with was very helpful, including advising me personally to get the LED bulbs, particularly for the heat concerns and much longer lifespan.

I'm using these LED's in my new range hood:


It's an exact replacement for the G4 base halogen bulbs that came with the hood. Took only a couple of minutes to replace all 4 bulbs, the hood has swing-out light covers, very easy.

The only comment I can make is that they're a little dimmer than halogens (noticed that when I replaced 1 of 4, it's maybe 10% dimmer), but I have plenty of light in the kitchen, and the hood is on an island, so it's not that major of an issue. And, considering that they're supposed to last 30,000 hours, spending 5 bucks on them is definitely economical.

Love the hood, love the new bulbs! LED is definitely the way to go!

Here is a link that might be useful: G4 LED bulbs

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Non-dimmable bulbs get hot because the electronic ballast cannot cope with chopped sine-wave mains.

LED's should be driven from clean DC. Dimmers control AC by slicing a portion of the AC mains. This leads to sharp switching edges which the dropper/rectifier arrangement in the LED lights do not like one little bit.

Using LED lighting on mains supplies is not a good idea. The LED's themselves are very low energy, but several times as much energy is wasted in the components used to convert mains to low voltage DC within the light. Thise are the bits that get hot, not the LED themselves.

Personally, I would only use low voltage DC LED lighting units (designed for 12vDC), and would power the entire lighting circuit via a 240vAC to 12v DC power supply. The 10% or so of efficiency losses in the power supply would be more than offset by running the LED's at their peak efficiency and having no losses in any dropper/rectifier circuitry within each bulb.

Here is a link that might be useful: lightingnext led bulbs

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I asked exactly this question in the Lighting forum here (except that I knew this was a basic range hood with a standard incandescent bulb with a plastic shield underneath it. I had the same concerns regarding heat, humidity, and grime harming the LED bulb(s). Higher-end hoods often use other types/sizes of light bulbs rather than the standard (Edison) base. You'll need to tell us what type your hood uses for us to know if there's a suitable LED replacements. There are good ones if you need MR16 or GU10 bulbs, and some bipin sizes, as well as standard incandescent-bulb size.

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