Gaggenau Fridge?

bildit00August 19, 2012


This is my first post!

I found a Gaggenua French Door built-in fridge today, floor model, for $3,700. It is a beautiful fridge, has a wonderfully written summary that would lead you to believe that it is the best fridge ever, and has some components/specs that I really like.

There are little to no reviews of this brand on the internet. Any feedback, thoughts and/or first hand experience with this brand fridge would be greatly appreciated. The savings when compared to SZ, viking and Thermador are tremendous. They are selling it to me at 50% off!

Thank you!!

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A model number would help. That way we can determine how old it is, and check around for reviews on it.
More than likely it was made by Bosch so it won't need any
"Special" expensive parts like some brands here, and in fact whilst I was investigating where the oven heaters are made for an Elux oven (for a different post), I ran across Gaggenau parts for sale, and the same part fit Bosch, Gaggenau and another brand that I can't recall, right now.

It does seem like a great price, and we've seen posts where some folks really like the "Creature Features" of some of the Gaggenau Fridges.


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Hi Gary, good to know on the parts. Thanks for the feedback.

I guess a model number would help! It is Gaggenau RY491701.


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The same model sold on Ebay for $4299.
The Fridge sold new for $8999.

It has dual compressors evaporators condensers, _ A La SZ.
Alto I'm not a fan of duel compressor systems, I know a lot of folks are, and at the price you're getting it at----Well
That can't be beat!!!

I found some on-line reviews of the fridge, plus all the specifications for it, etc etc, See the links below for that info.

Every review I found, this fridge is rated Extremely high, not only for perforemance, Reliability, ease of use , etc etc. The only "Dings" it got was for its price, but You have nicely "Side stepped that problem". Normally I would be quite negative about the fridge--due to the price, but at the price you are getting at, "Mums" the word for me.

Good luck with the purchase, Click below to see the URL's to the web-sites I found.


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Note that Gaggenau, Thermador, and Bosch are all made by the same company and their built-in refrigerators and freezers are all similar, although each brand gets some unique parts and interior fittings.

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So, how's the Gaggenau cooler treating you? Pros? Cons? I am curious enough to buy one, too. I hope you post an update! :)

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