Copper bath tub

jennyj1953September 22, 2013

I'm considering putting a copper tub in my bathroom. Can anyone share their experience with me? There seems to be a wide variety of pricing---anywhere from $3000--$12000 or more. Any advice on reliable websites from which to buy?

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a living finish, so you have to be OK with it constantly changing colors from exposure to soaps, shampoos, etc. Or, you can go cheap and thin and foreign made with a clear coat that will peel off. You get what you pay for, and the cheap Mexican ones are great if you never ever use them, but sometimes not even then. Just try to have a warranty claim with an Ebay seller who's out of business in a couple of years.

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From kitchens - a lot of folks like the Rachiele sinks - they also have bathtubs. I just posted a question about copper sinks.

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Remember that copper is a great conductor of heat - if your tub isn't insulated, it's going to get cold FAST.

Also, the price of copper continues to rise, so be sure you love it before writing that cheque. (On the good side though, since its a large tub it can't be easily stolen!)

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@Naween Thanks for those useful information but I never really thought of having my tub being stolen.

@Jenny copper tubs are good only till the surface gets ugly. You really have to take good care of it. If you really are going to buy one make sure you badly want it and commit to cleaning it as often as you take a bath.

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I like the look and was briefly infatuated with the idea of a copper tub, but two things changed my mind:

- The price tag. WOW! It's just hard to justify that kind of increase for an item that isn't any more functional than a standard tub.

- I fell in love with a lovely, classic tile that won't even remotely match copper. As I discovered that difference, it occured to me that copper -- while I love it -- doesn't really mesh well with anything else I love.

Goodbye, idea.

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