Does a master closet need a door?

annettacmSeptember 10, 2008

We are mulling over options on what kind of door to put on our master closet. In our old walk in closet, we actually had taken the door off because it was always in the way. Before that, in our old house, that walk in closet door was never closed,, though it wasn't really in the way.

Do we even need a door? We thought maybe we could frame out a door opening, but not actually put a door on, so that someday we could add one or for resale, someone else could. We plan on doing nice Cali Closet systems and there is a nice window in there and everything... do I have to close it off?

If you are wondering, we are doing a pocket door on the toilet area, and need that wall for that. The other wall, that makes an L next to the TV/Storage is because we need a spot for light switches and themostat for floor.

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If I am looking at your drawing correctly, you access the closet through the bathroom. Personally, I would want a door on the closet. My first choice for a door would be a pocket door but as you stated you need the wall for the pocket door to the toilet area. How wide is the door opening to the closet? How about bi-fold doors?

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yeah, i was going to say pocket but that's not possible..I mean how about one of those folding doors like they have on some closets? Not my first choice...

Maybe you could put a nice grommeted curtain there on a super cool rod...I've seen that on divine design...she always has lots of goodies hidden behind curtains

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The more I think about it...the more I love it. I wouldn't waste a bit of space for the door...a cool drape would soften up the space and save space...if you go to the Divine Design site, her first bathroom incorporated vertical blinds...Now, I'm not proposing that and can't believe she actually got it to work...but I think the drape is my vote...Best of luck!

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If you don't want a door, don't do a door. But do frame out a door opening so that if you sell you can add one.

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I'll cast a vote for no door. When we remodeled we took the door off and refinished the frame. The door was always in the way. I have not missed it once and the closet feels more like a dressing area. Our closet layout is very similar to yours. Here's a pic:

Good Luck!

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I'd want a door. I'd swing it towards the toilet nook.

It would take up no space, and you'd never know it was there unless you used it.

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I'd say no door but frame it out for one. My closet is accessible through the bathroom only as well. That darn door is always in the way. I'd take it off, and will when we redo the area, but right now I have no place to store the door if it's not hanging on the hinges. You are going to have a nice, large, well organized, beautiful closet with a window to boot? Why hide it with a door?!

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How about an outward-swinging toilet room door, with a pocket door for the closet? If you increased depth of the wall between toilet room and closet, you would have room for pocket door for the closet. And you could eliminate the left L-shaped wall that blocks access to 2-ft of closet storage.

It looks like light switches for bath would fit at entry, and closet light switch on right L-wall (which no longer needs to be an L). The floor thermostat could go on any wall (even in the toilet room), because most people set them to a timer, and don't need daily access.

I don't quite see how anyone will view the TV,unless you leave the toilet room door open (LOL).

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Our closet is across from the vanity. We put an outside pocket door in the doorway between the vanity and bedroom. Before it was just an opening, no door. I took off the door to the closet and the door to the shower area as well. They are framed out if someone wanted to add a door. I love it! It is like a little master suite. We have a very small master bath area and this makes it seem much larger.

Here are a few pics.

The closet is on the right, the shower at the end.

There was no door here to begin with, just the opening.

When we redid the closet with organizers and such, this made so much more sense.

Have fun


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The TV is actually going on top of a 6 foot cabinet. It will be angled out into the room, and viewable from the tub (albeit a small tv, but better than nothing).

I think we decided to not do a door. One of the reasons why we need that long wall for the pocket door is so that we have a wall space to hang towels (he is building it out so that there will be studs to screw into). If we delete that wall for the toilet pocket door in order to create a wall next to the TV/Storage for a closet pocket door, we lose all wall space for towels.

I used this picture as an inspiration (thanks to the OP on that one! I need to look up his/her name, but it was on a previous posting) and I think this kind of open concept might work best.

We will be doing California Closet or similar organizers, too, and it will feel like a dressing area rather than a closet (I hope)!

Thanks SO much for all your input; it was weighed carefully.

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