What does Apple give as credit back when you bring an old iPod?

gogwmosJune 23, 2012

I have several older, small iPods and I want a new one with more space. I know they give an amount off towards the purchase of a new one when you bring in an old iPod, but does anyone know what the amounts are? Also, can you bring more than one for a bigger discount?


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Hi gogwmos,

Where To Sell Your Used iPhone or iPod

See the link for some information on this.


Here is a link that might be useful: Used iPhone or iPod

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When you have a chance a basic Google search with the keywords "ipod trade in" (sans quotes) provides lot of potentially useful information for you. Perhaps even alternatives you haven't thought of.


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Thanks, sorry for the bother. I will use Google from now on, I just liked the personal connection with others here on the forum.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Unfortunately some times we don't know the answer, so offer the google search options including the search terms or parameters.
I have no experience with anything Apple.

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I would say a good 80% of the answers on here on given after the person helping does a google search...No one has all the info at their finger tips or experience with all situations

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Oh no! Really? I thought each of you was a computer genius! I am so disappointed. :)

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Gene is so very right. Collectively as a forum we do not have all the hyperlinks or the information which we share.

I for one sure do appreciate a member when they cite the source of the printed information. It gives me a portal to continue learning, clear my questions, and the every so often scant thought that it is intended to be plagiarism to impress.


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