Miele 27 inch oven versus Thermador (or others).

lainlondonAugust 25, 2013

I am completely renovating my home and am limited to a 27 inch oven due to height restrictions. My plan was a 27 inch Miele oven and a Miele speed oven (with the 27 inch trim kit). In making final decision I realized that the inside of the has only a 2.5 cubic feet space versus 4.2 for Thermador and most other brands.

Does anyone else have experienceing with the 27 inch Miele and have a view on whether it is too small. I wanted two ovens but could not have two due to height, which was the reason for the oven/speed oven combo. I am now wondering if I should get the Thermador 27 inch with the convection microwave. Thoughts would be great - I am really struggling with the decision! I love the GE Monogram but the combined oven/advantium oven are too tall.

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Have you seen either oven in person ?

What do you bake or cook in your oven ?

Miele's Speed Oven is way more versatile than Thermador's convection /microwave which is just a $175 Panasonic conv/micro with a Thermador Badge and a $900 price tag !!!

I can also guarantee you that you will not be able to bake 65% more cookies in the Thermador over the Miele, so take the "mine's bigger" sizing with a grain of salt.

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I cook mostly dinners - caseroles, turkey, fish, pizza, etc and periodically bake deserts. I have seen the Miele in person but cannot find a retailer that has the 27 inch Thermador in the store -- what I have found is that the Thermador is about 6 inches higher inside, which implied to me almost a full additional shelf. This is not to worrying on most days but on holidays or when I am hosting a party I thought it might be -- I can't fit a warming drawer in the house to cook ahead. I thought that the Miele was more versatile and can't find any reviews of the Thermador convection/microwave.

I have also considered the Kitchenaid combo unit - any thoughts on that?

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Ok. Sounds like the only thing the T'dor will get you with 6" more height will be another sheet of cookies or another pie IF.........

You purchase another rack/shelf to go with the T'dor because they come standard with the same #. Re: the warming drawer and more space. That 6" isn't going to do much for you at holidays as the temp in the oven is the same, the xtra part can't be used as a warming shelf while you brown the casserol.

I'd decide based on which control panel and operating system I liked best, which will require that you go play with each.

On the second oven, the Miele wins hands down IF you want to use it like a real oven. It has a rack jsut liek a real oven as well as top and bottom heating elements plus the convestion fan at the rear with its element. The Thermador is just a convection microwave with a small fan and heater tucked up in the upper left side. IT is literally a Panasonic with a Thermador silkscreen on it, so if you want to go that route , save yourself $700 bucks and get it at WalMArt. It also has a junky rack system that you'll have to store somewhere, it's round and doesn't fit typical sheets for baking very well. It's really only good for baking frozen pizzas and heat and serve biscuits that come in their own tray.

The miele is a full fledged oven that also has a micro built into it. Its drawbacks are it's $$$ and the control interface can be daunting to use.

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