Good source for printer ink/toner?

dedtiredApril 19, 2011

The ink for my printer costs an arm and a leg. It's a Canon Pixma model MP530. I have been buying the refurbished cartridges at Staples and it's still expensive. What really annoys me is that the printer won't print once one cartridge runs out. For instance, I want to print some letters in black ink at the moment, but the magenta cartridge has run out so it won't print anything at all.

Has anyone found a good source for ink cartridges? I get those spam emails all the time offering great bargains, but I don't think I will rely on that.

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We use Cartridge World around here, taking in our old cartridges for recycling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cartridge World

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Looks like their prices are about the same as Staples. I have to remember to take my used cartridges back. I just bought a pack of three cartridges and they cost $42. Ridiculous!

Thanks for the link.

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We just started using the refill service at Costco -- we've had 2 sets refilled so far with no problems and the price is hard to beat

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Thanks. I never thought of trying Costco. I will have to give them a try because this expense is ridiculous.

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