How to float an out of plumb tub wall

DaWolfmanSeptember 24, 2012

I'm tiling my tub wall and the faucet wall is out of plumb and so the tiles may not meet properly and look terrible. I have cement board on top of greenboard and don't want to tear it all down to plumb and line the wall. My solution is to float the wall.

I'm moderately skilled but no professional by any means. I have been given all sorts of advice. Not sure which to take so I have tried to float it with light Joint compound and it is now closer to an 1/8th inch away from plumb and looks much better. I used that because a tile guy told me to do so as he said "tile doesn't care what it sticks to". Before I continue to tile I need some professional advice to guide me.

Question is

1- Should I sand the last coat smooth and primer with bulls eye 123 and commence to tiling.

2- re-float it with morter, if so what kind exactly.

3- Is there a better option I haven't considered. I DO NOT want to tear it all out and plumb it properly. Thank you in advance.

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Well, it will either be tear it out now, or tear it out after you've got water damage all behind it and have maybe damaged the studs and subfloor.

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You don't want to hear this, but take it down to the studs, correct anything that is out of plumb and put the board back up.

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Sophie Wheeler

What a FUBAR. Drywall compound and greenboard do not belong anywhere near a wet environment, even if you've thrown in some cement board into the mix because you "heard" that was you were supposed to do. It's flat out wrong, plain and simple. It WILL turn to mush and mold, even if you slap some tile on top. Tile may not care about which surface it's installed on, but WATER sure does! Tile is NOT a waterproof surface, even if you seal the grout. Water gets behind it, and you have to design the whole installation as a water management system.

It all needs to come out so that you can construct a properly waterproofed shower from the studs out. Halfassing a project is always the longer and harder way than doing it right from the beginning.

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