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seydouxAugust 8, 2013

My daughter has a new apartment with a GE gas oven. She says that it is heating the floor to the point that the vinyl is smelling . the oven is brand new is this normal?

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Of course it is not normal for ovens to set floors on fire, but it almost certainly is not vinyl that your daughter is smelling and it is highly unlikely that the floor is smoldering.

You say that the oven is "brand new" as in nobody ever used it before?

As in, nobody has done the required normal oven burn-in that the owner's manual tells you do to do before first use?

As in, the landlord did not give your daughter the user's manual so she did not know about this requirement?

FYI, every stove manufacturer's user manuals --- and do I mean "every" and not just GE ---- tells you to run a self-clean cycle or high-heat before using the oven for the first time. This burns off manufacturing oils. These stink. Some people think the smell is like cooking plastic or vinyl.

THIS odor is "normal" until the oils are burned off. If you don't do the burn-in, the oven will continue to stink until the normal cooking eventually burns the oil away. Better to do it once.

If your daughter is convinced that the floor is smoldering she should check. I assume she has a "range" because a wall oven that could make a vinyl floor smolder would have already set the cabinets on fire. If this is a a GE range with a storage drawer on the bottom, she can just pull the drawer out and look at the floor. If she has a GE range with a warming drawer, she will need to pull the stove out from the wall in order to see the floor. (Same thing if this is an upscale apartment with a double-oven range.) Very high probablity the floor is fine.

After she checks the floor -- and presumably finds that the vinyl is fine --- she should turn on a range hood or OTR provided it is venting to the outside. (A recirculating kind simply recyles the stench). Otherwise, open the windows. Run an oven self-clean cycle if this stove has that. If it does not, just run the oven on bake at its highest setting for 30 minutes. Then run the broiler for another 30 minutes. Should be good to go after that.

Let us know how things turn out.

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