30-in Wall Hood Suggestions?

Xena99August 12, 2013

I am searching for a 30-inch wall hood due to the cabinet configuration, and wonder if anyone has thoughts on brands/models to check.

I have heard good things about Kobe (but don't know anything about it), bad things about the Zephyr Savona line. Cavaliere gets good reviews on build.com.

I want a hood that will provide 600 cfm at its highest but is QUIET!!! I do not want to spend a fortune but want quality. Ha! Where have you heard that before?

I can provide almost any size duct since I have yet to punch a hole in the roof. I am thinking of installing 8-inch ducting in the rare event we remodel and can thus install a bigger hood.

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Fori is not pleased

How tall a hood do you need? Since you're retrofitting, you can save a lot of detail work by getting that close.

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I have 12 ft. ceilings so I suspect I will have to have a custom duct cover (aka chimney) made. However, Zephyr has extensions for up to 12 ft. ceiling. I just heard the Savona had issues, so I wonder about Zephyr in general.

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Well, I hope we'll be happy with it because we are just now ordering the 30" Zephyr Anzio. I too want quality and quiet, and we too are restricted with the maximum number of cfm we can get. The comments I found about this hood are mostly positive. Plus, I had several different dealers tell me that Zephyr is better than Faber (another line we had been contemplating). As I recall, the Kobe all had more cfm than we can handle.

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I take it you have "make-up air" issues in your installation. A friend who lived in Anchorage had a 1400 cfm fan (he had an indoor grill) installed and it sucked his gas heater pilot light out! So he had to open a window when he used the fan on high!

I see in your other post you mentioned Cavaliere has quality issues. I read such glowing reviews of Cavaliere on build.com, can you point me to your information?

That Zephyr Anzio is sure pretty!

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We're pushing it with putting in the 600 cfm Zephyr and are only able to do this now that we just ordered a gas insert for our wood-burning fireplace. Otherwise we would have had to go with the 290 cfm. All of this because of the makeup air issue.

I commented on the Faber not Cavaliere. Maybe it is someone else you are thinking of.

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I'm very happy with the 30 in Kobe Chx 191 series hood. Though I think the newest model may be more than the 630 CFM I bought on sale at Christmas. Very quiet on low, not bad on high either compared to the old OTR MW!

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