Lost DVD Drive

arizona-guyJune 8, 2011

I have a HP 4110 copy/fax/scanner which wouldn't let me scan to my computer. I downloaded drivers for that particular model from the net and installed them. The scanner still wouldn't work so I removed the software. Now neither my CD drive nor my DVD drive work. I am using Windows Vista. Both drives were working up to installing the software. I checked the connections on both drives. When I check "Computer" they're listed there as D and E. When I check device manager they're both listed under DVD/CD rom drives.

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If you mistakenly uninstalled the drivers for the DVD/CD drive, if you reboot, Windows should be able to find them and reinstall them as new hardware

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Also did you do as HP says and disconnect the scanner from computer while installing? During the install HP will tell you when to connect.

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genes - I rebooted and they still didn't work.

owbist - I disconnected the scanner from the computer while installing the drivers but the scanner still doesn't work.

Thanks for the replies.

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You might try removing them in device manager, and then rebooting your computer. It should then reinstall the drivers for you. Good Luck

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Did you try more than one CD in both drives?
Have you tried a music CD?
When you insert the CD/DVD does the LED light come on on the front of the CD or DVD player?

Was any work done inside the case at about the same time? One wonders if the 80 wire ribbon cable may be off the motherboard, assuming both are on the secondary connector as master and slave.

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cat-ky : I removed them in device manager and rebooted and now the CD drive works. The DVR still doesn't work.

owbist : I've tried numerous DVDs and none of them work.

Thanks for all the replies. I have a DVD drive from an old computer that I will try.

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