Tile Experts Please Advise on Cutting Problems

enduringSeptember 22, 2012

I am cutting my slate 12x12 to 6x12. The small $80 dollar wet saw I have can do this but I can't get the fence to fasten down exactly were I put it. It doesn't move but there is a slight warp in the decking and I think it is causing the fence to move off to the side by about a 64th or a 32th of an inch before it clamps down. When my cuts are made the square shows that there is a smidge of a problem. So while I believe the sides are parallel, the angles are maybe a degree off. I realize these tiles aren't airplane machine parts, but I really like precision. BTW, the tiles are square before cutting.

I am doing a herringbone pattern. My area is 6-1/5' x 7'


1) will this screw up my layout at 1/4" grout space?

2) do I need to buy a better saw to get these cut correctly?

3) what brand of saw does one recommend for under $300?

Thank you very much for your time.

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I have to say a better saw made a HUGE difference for me.

I used one of those little saws for several DIY projects. Had been telling DH I wanted a better/bigger one and he kept telling me it wasn't worth it. The little one "works fine".

I stopped in my local Restore one day and spotted one of these, brand new in a open box for $75;

I called him and told him "you can't stop me!" :)

Wow, what difference! Cuts through them like butter!
No more chipped tiles, and I don't get soaked when cutting them like with that cheap one.

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I'd say that about covers it. :-)

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Thanks you guys. And Bill as usual it is good to get your input in all things tile :)). I am thinking about renting a saw. I just was over on the JB site and posted this same question this morning. Got a response about renting. I was wondering if it is worth renting a saw from the Big Box stores or wait til Monday and go to a regular rental place. I see on Craigslist a 10" Felker TIle Master saw for $750. Used twice. I don't want to buy one that expensive but I would LOVE to rent one that was quality.

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" I see on Craigslist a 10" Felker TIle Master saw for $750. Used twice. "

So buy it, use it, and put it back on Craigslist.

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Thanks Brickeyee, I just rented an MX 660 from HD for the day. Much better than what I've got:) The Craigslist contact hasn't got back with me yet.

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