American Universal shiny hex tile for bathroom floor?

ethackerSeptember 12, 2013

I have fallen in love with a tile and color for my boys' bathroom. We were hoping to do the American Universal SX-550 (a teal color) hex tile for the floors and a white subway tile for the walls. The only problem I'm worried about is that the American Universal hex only comes in a shiny finish. I'm not as concerned about it being slippery (b/c of all the grout lines) as I am about the scratches it's sure to endure. Can anyone with shiny hex floors tell me how badly theirs scratched? Will the scratches be incredibly obvious? Will they at least scratch in the same color or will I see white lines everywhere it scratches? And what exactly will make the tiles scratch? The bathroom is on the third floor so likely shoes won't be on. And why don't more colors come in a matte finish? I can't find anything even close to this awesome color in a matte finish. I'd love any feedback or advice you have to give. Thanks so much!!

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We did shiny tile (large) and it's been a year and it's fine. We don't wear shoes, but other than that no special treatment. (Ours is porcelain.)

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Here's a similar hex tile . This supplier has a lot of colors too.

Your other option is a company like Fireclay. It'll be pricey but their tile is beautiful.

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