hood reviews?

projectcatAugust 20, 2011


Help, please? I'm thinking of getting the Proline 115.30 under cabinet hood. It seems like a really good deal - good stainless, seamless, rounded corners, baffles, 4 settings up to 900 cfm, relatively quiet (except for on high), around $650. This is not the Proline from Prestige, but from the Proline website. I want to hang it 34" above the cooktop (their specs say 27"-30").

Recently I saw one just like it on ebay for $389 and the seller said it was a Eureka and Proline is made by the same company - a little confusing.

One good review from "willtv" (beautiful kitchen!) and one bad review about horrible service. And that's all.

Now I'm not sure.

I could go with a 10" 600 cfm under cabinet hood from ModernAire, but it's not seamless and I can't get rounded corners and it costs more.

Does anyone out there have a hood from this company and how do you like it? Any other comments on this hood or company, please?

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My experience has NOT been good, to say the least I am very frustrated.
Placed order for PLEW832.36 1600CFM with 10' chimney extension Jun 20, 2011. ProLine informed me the design was changed, instead of one motor at 1600CFM, the redesign was 2 motors with 1000CFM. I asked about the venting, my response was we have a gasket that covers both outlets to converge into one, ok so I have 1 hole in my wall for the vent, is that right? yes was the answer. Vent did not arrive until Aug20 2011. Vent did not come with the gasket they said it would, I called to inquire about this and they now said it needed its separate vents to beyond the wall and then could be joined into 1 pipe. Installed about 2 days later. As our kitchen did not have a vent, we had to have one installed, quite a process, as we have a room above the kitchen. Turned on the vent and such a racket... quietest on the market, don't think so! So I called Tech support and spoke with Spencer, he said it was not supposed to sound like that and they would send another one to replace the one installed. Also, the chimney extension did not arrive at the same time, called and they said it was on its way, it was delivered Aug 26 @ 6pm! The new vent was delivered Oct 27 2011. Called the installer to come back and take out the old and replace with the new. Guess what! Still the noise, not as bad, but still very noisy. I placed a call to ProLine for tech support and was told he was out of the office and a message would be given to Spencer for a callback, I am still waiting for that call. I was looking for a different type of "Y" connecter and a distribution center for HVAC advised me to call a company which specializes in vent work. I did, they took a look and said it needs 2 separate vent runs. However as they were preparing to do the work yesterday late afternoon, they removed the vent pipe and still the noise on one of the motors, sounds like the left. The installer said it sounded like the bearings were bad. I called and spoke with Heather, she said she could do nothing about it and will talk with Spencer on Monday. As a footnote, this company is a venting company, that is all they do, they install Viking, GE, Dacor, etc... high end vents, they have been in business for 40 years, so they should know what they are doing.
All of this has been a great expense, each time they have to come back it is more money. Now, the vent company, will add additional vent at a cost of about $350. So this install process has cost us as much as the vent ... Vent with chimney $1000, first install $630, additional install $350. Also, manual that comes with the vent is for a single motor. I feel that if they changed the design, venting is a big process to making the vent work properly, they should have advised on that process and have new manuals made.
I must say that Proline has been very accommodating, but they don't tell the truth about when the product will be here (too many conflicting excuses). I think 2 months wait each time is a little long for arrival. Perhaps they should put more vents on that slow boat from China!
Sometimes what seems to be less expensive turns out to be more expensive, than if you had chosen a more expensive one in the first place.
Please CHOOSE carefully.

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Hi All, Can anyone who has used proline hoods kindly share their views and experiences. The last post I saw about these hoods was 2+ years ago.

We love to cook but do not like the smell especially frying and other spicy foods all over home and hence decided to buy a powerful hood below for a 30" gas range.

36" Pro Series Model PLFW 832.36 2000 cfm

Thanks all.

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Please anyone, I am eager how these hoods are quality wise and how co-operative the company is if there is any trouble.

I spoke to one of their employees and she sounded pretty helpful but this is all pre-sales. want to hear post sales.

Thank you all

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Please anyone. I need to know how these hoods function in terms of quality. In case of repair/damage, did the company take care of you?


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I would avoid them. I just recently purchased from them and the transaction did not go smoothly and I am still awaiting resolution.

Quality - POOR : All joints/edges are much lighter than the rest of the hood. Duct transition doesnt fit correctly, unit buzzes during operation of the fan and lights, my hood cam with blemishes in the stainless right in the front, I believe i was sent a previously opened hood being that it came with no protective film like the website sites videos says it should.

I would go with a more reputable company if I got to do it again. The money savings was not worth the headache at this point

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Hi Eyezonz: Thank you. This is very helpful to know.

Sorry, you had to go thru' all those troubles with them.

I am looking for a 1200 cfm or above hood and then while searching came across this company.

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1200+ CFM is only necessary if you are going to be indoor grilling, which it doesn't sound like since you only have a 30" range. Maybe it could even be warranted if you have a 48" or 60" pro range and you'll frequently be using all burners simultaneously. CFM is often oversold and exhausting all that air you don't need is just asking for trouble.

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Check out the Ancona hoods sold at Costco. A lot of bang for the buck, plus you have Costco's excellent return policy.

I agree with the above post that you don't need 1200 cfms. Plus you need to check that your ductwork can handle high cfms - have you done that? Anyway, I'll link to one of the Costco hoods, which says it comes in both 30" and 36", though the 36" doesn't show availability in the pull-down menu. You could go to your local Costco and ask about that, or just wait a bit; I know their stock comes and goes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ancona Hood at Costco

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Well, I finally got time to look at their website, and came away with these impressions:

All corrosion resistant steels (casually called stainless steels) are variously corrosion resistant, and variously stain resistant. For residential kitchen use where one might show off the kitchen, the more stain resistant 304 type stainless steel would be better.

The aperture under the hood is not 24 inches front to back, but perhaps 18 inches, so the aperture of a 3-foot hood width is only 4.5 square feet. If they could actually pull 2000 cfm through those narrow looking baffles, the average aperture velocity would be much higher than necessary, 444 ft/min, whereas 90 ft/min should be adequate, and the baffle gap speed would be more than twice that, whereas 180 ft/min would be adequate. With an air velocity up to 1000 ft/min at the baffle gaps, I would expect them to be pretty noisy. Fortunately (?), they will never achieve that flow rate.

Assuming the usual meaning of words, if the blowers are actually 1000 cfm each, they are so at zero static pressure (hanging in the air). In the constrained space of the hood with narrow baffle gaps and 8-inch ducts, they would be lucky to move 500 cfm each. (I would bet somewhat less using donuts for fiat currency.) But with the small area actually baffled, only 90 x 4.5 = 405 cfm of actual flow is needed, so they are probably sufficient. (Without the fan curves and baffle pressure loss, this can only be an estimate.)

I think I heard on the video that the interface was two 8-inch ducts. This implies that either two duct runs be made to the roof, with two roof caps used, or the two ducts be merged to what should be a 12-inch duct, but a 10-inch duct would probably do given how gagged the blowers are for the 36-inch hood. (If one were using their 60-inch hood, then the blowers would be better matched to the baffle gap area and the larger merge duct would be called for.)

Given the partial fill of the hood aperture with baffles, and the baffle design, a schlieren photo of the the effluent flow would be helpful to see whether capture and containment is actually achieved over the entire aperture (that is, no smoke curls out at the back where there are no baffle areas.)

It was not clear that the baffles are actually baffles and not mere punched slots in the plates. The OP should examine a commercial hood or Wolf hood to see real baffles. They comprise a pair of surfaces, plus their frame parts. The idea is that the effluent is rotated around a sharp curve to fling out the larger sized particles contained in the grease particle spectrum onto the baffle parts where the grease can drain to whatever is used to catch it.

Overall, I had the impression of a hood designed piecemeal to some spec that looked good without really engineering (matching) the blowers to the apertures and desired flow rates, the baffles to the flow, and the duct diameters to the recommended duct velocities (1000 - 2000 ft/min on max.)


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Dear All, I am really really thankful to all of you for giving your inputs. I will not go after proline hoods.

I am seriously looking into Costco hoods. Any reviews on costco hoods?

I hope the 900 cfm will be good.

God bless you all for your time and support

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Why so many CFM? You only have a 30" range. I would say 300-400 for a 30" range, 600 at most if it's a prostyle range. What are you doing about makeup air?

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