Can someone decipher this msg from my iPhone.

ellie45June 12, 2012

I received the following message on my iPhone. Something the same or similar appeared previously. Then came an episode that opened up the monster that AVG can be and funky

emails like one I received today. I will use superantispyware after this message.

Can anyone decipher this? Is it harmful?

//BREW:0x1041c54Freemsgs:will stop







Also, here I am putting a potenitally harmful message that appeared on my phone and am giving it to you.

You haven't dinged me before for doing this but are there any rules to keep you safe?

This is why Shaddy's question about viruses on cell phones is so important to me.

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The message from above is from 911-4.

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This is a text message? All kinds of people/companies send spam text messages.

iPhones are pretty secure because of the nature of the operating system unless you've jailbroken the phone, then all bets are off.

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This a text message. I want to know if it is dangerous.
Don't know what jailbroken is.

However, Raven did a nice job of helping Shaddy above and gave a link.

If anyone has a clue about this message and can read it. I'd like to know if there are key words that denote garbage. It sez free message will stop. I got that before as I said.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I don't know but you don't seem to be alone. Nor does it seem to be new:

Go to and block the sms number.
Got that awhile ago when I went from a Rumoe to a Q9.
Sprint uses a "push" service for email. The push comes from a sms, that the phone silently drops, that triggers an email poll.
When phones are switched, without the push being turjed off on the old phone, sprint keeps sending the sms for awhile.

The sprint cs rep I talked to back then had no clue abiut how to stop it so I blocked it.

That comes from and sounds plausible I suppose.

I don't really know but to me it doesn't seem to be malicious, just an annoyance.

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You might find this thread interesting on the CrackBerry site.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ellie the link I gave for the phone antivirus was for android phones if yours is a iphone you would need to search on the apple app site I have no idea what is available for iphone I do not own one sorry.

I would do as stated above and just block that text.I do not think it is dangerous.

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sorry folks, i haven't felt well today.
now about the message. i saw it before - last week or two. I now can send no email messages..I fixed it by working on the mail settings and then it worked.

Chugger, Nice find. Thans for going the distance. It is old yes. I have gone to the source = I believe comcast ( or sprint) = and deleted all my email messages for the last couple of weeks and called the suspicious ones spam. This message is a text message I received. You are right I need to do something with text. I know the push system and I wiped out all emails by continually deleting on the phone. so i was only receiving current email. I will need to adjust the email settings.

RC, I swore i looked at your link that finds bugs for cell phones and it was for ios as well. sad that it isn't.

That's all for now.

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I fixed the iPhone settings. It is fine.
Also, those who have iPhone with siri you can sometimes
hold the on/off button down and the power one at the same time as well and it will readjust. It has worked for me.

Back to bed.

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